Sunday, January 31, 2010

 everyone is better now. still some coughing going on, but that's it.
poison ivy is on the way out, he did get it spread to a small spot on his arm and his fingers before we got it under control.

we got about 6" of snow here, which is a big deal LOL! churches cancelled, school will be out monday and likely tuesday too. I couldnt believe they called school of on FRIDAY just cause the storm was coming! it didnt even START snowing til about 3 that afternoon and didnt start sticking til that evening!!  another wasted snow day! these people are freaks! the kids will spend half their summer in school at this rate cause of the idiots in charge.

dh is planning on taking the kids to the park today for sledding. the park has a couple of big hills that people flock to for sledding. I hate cold weather though, so not sure if I'll go. 

we took the kids out in the snow yesterday and they lasted about 20 minutes. Sarina didnt like it AT ALL!! she cried the WHOLE time she was outside  never even touched the snow or anything. she'll be just like her momma! Garrett got mad cause he couldnt ride through the snow on his bikes. K and Gav were jumping behind snow drifts like forts

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hmmm, guess I should update to myself

dh made it to Canada ok. we're texting since we dont have international call plans. he's getting pics for us to see too.
looks like Garrett will be home from school today. they said he cried the whole way home on the bus yesterday  and he had a fever. (why did no one call me??) he was pretty cranky, even after a nap yesterday til he got some motrin in him then he perked up. he's sleeping in my bed right now cause the boys have woke him up 3 days in a row getting ready for school.
I was hoping to meet up with my sis either today or thursday. we'll see what comes up.
my new phone came in yesterday!  my other one-the touch screen completely stopped working a few days ago, so I lost some contacts (even though I told it to save all to my sim card) so any of you girls that had given me your #, please text me or something cause they're' gone.
there are still some weird things about my replacement phone, like adding pics to the contacts. its not doing like my other phone did, so I'll have to read up on it

I ordered a snap on case for it too, off ebay, so it should be here in the next couple of days.  the first case I've bought for a phone! its pink plaid

my house is still clean! since my mom cleaned my house the other week? Ive maintained it and I feel very proud of myself LOL, I could actually take pics of my house if I wanted and not be freaked LOL!!

in the gym, I moved up to 15 lb dumbbells last night for my bicep curls! I did 3 reps of 15 so I was very proud of myself! in most other machines I do 3 reps of 15 and then top off with 5 more for an even 50. LOL I think we've been going for 4 weeks now? hmmm, I'll have to check on that.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


so our power was down for like 1.5 hrs tonight when a storm passed through. the kids were bouncing off the walls til I got them into doing things like Simon Says and stuff.  thankfully i'd cooked stuff in the crock pot so it was hot.
I did realize I need to refill a couple of the oil lamps though.
FIL gave me $113 to go grocery getting on, so I hit Food Lion again today! I spent $176, but my coupons totaled $95.  yesterday I spent $102 and coupons were $52. the only thing I have to get for a while is our WIC stuff since FL didnt have the stuff there to get it. (no milk or bread items left). I now have stuffed cabinets and the fridge out in the garage is holding a bunch of stuff! I wont have to grocery get for 3 weeks!
wednesday they're supposed to cut things to 60% off so I'll go see if they still have freezer items left then. they werent much of a good buy today.

got to hear at least 10 people compliment Sarina on her hair today

S has a cough still, G2 is sounding better. I'm using hylands cough syrup for them. they like it at least.
I bought a thermal thermometer the other day with some left over Cmas money. I got a $10 one cause the $40 one the pharmacist said she kept getting error readings and didnt like it. the $10 is ok, though it takes a more accurate reading if I read from the crook of the neck than the temple like it says to do.

my replacement phone is on the way. I'll be glad when it gets here cause my phone is currently only good for answering a call and sending a text.  I cant access the menu or my contacts to make a call or go to other apps. suuuuuuuuucks!


I had to call the warranty dept for my phone yesterday. the calibration on the touch screen went haywire for some reason this past week and its about an inch off on the screen. makes for a somewhat useless phone really. resetting it and all the other stuff made no difference either.  but I've got a replacement coming.

our local food lion is going otu of business  the only good thing is this week everything is 30% off, next week 60% off. grandpa gave me an extra $100 to go shopping with so I can stock up on things we use!  I went yesterday and just did a regular grocery getting day, spent $100 and loaded up! now with another $100 I'll be stuffing some cabinets!  they also still accept coupons, so its a double plus  poor dh though, this is the only store in town that sells his popcorn (pop secret homestyle) so we're buying all we can. not sure where we'll get it from after this.

FIL was in town yesterday, passing through on a haul. he treated me and the two LOs to lunch at wendys. tori and her fiance came out to visit as well. I swear I dont think T likes me anymore.  not sure what's up with that. the last time she was out was in november for that test she asked my help to study for, then she failed the test and she's not been out since except when FIL was in. no texting, chatting OL, nothing. whatever. I'm not begging someone to be my friend and I'm not even sure what nutty feather got up her butt to act like she is anyway. :P

Garrett has a nasty sounding cough, Sarina had a slight fever last night. K went to school after being home on tuesday for low fever and stomach ache. Gavin's hurt his ankle, though I sent him on to school with a note for no 'active' activity. Canaan has baseball every day now, so he had to drop kung fu til things settle down. we go to the gym almost every night since he does ball so often: just hit the gym while we're in town.

you can see the definition of my calf muscles now!  my arms have gotten bigger due to muscle gain and I can see a definite improvement on my stamina.


I'll try to get back tomorrow and post more. just put sarina down. tried to upload pics tonight, but PB wasnt cooperating. :P
good day, dh worked, C had ball, no gym cause dh was so late getting home.
I did find GOOD news today though! I was trying on shoes while waiting for C to finish with ball and I can now wear size 8's!!!!!!!!! I used to wear an 8 before having babies when I went up to a 9 then eventually on the brink of a 10! I've noticed lately though that my shoes were getting slippery on me, just thought it was them being broke in. nope! I tried on several pairs of 8's today and they all fit!!!!  that makes me just as happy as losing 5 lbs!  I've been praying for that for a WHILE now. its hard enough finding shoes in a 9, much less a 9W, but now I can start hunting through the 8's!!! God is so cool!!!!
and I cant attribute it to the gym cause I've not dropped next to anything yet!


I finally got my hair cut yesterday!  my normal stylist is out after foot surgery, so I had to go to walmart's supercuts. I was worried, but my hair was bad enough that I braved it.  I had her cut off ALL the dead ends left over from last years perm! gah, that stuff was awful!  its much shorter now, though not crazy short, but feeling MUCH better!! I can also style it to flip out and it'll be like Alice's on Twilight

we didnt go to the gym last night  dh wanted to watch NCIS and C had a hard workout at ball. we'll go tonight though  I can already see a difference in my arms! I have a muscle popping out in the back when I straighten my arm down to flex it!

the kids get a long weekend again this coming weekend. they're out friday for teachers in-service and then off on monday for MLK. this kind of stuff really throws them off. :P me too since I cant keep up with what day it is

OH, weirdness of the week! no one would guess what I got in the mail yesterday! (even I wouldnt ) I got a sample box of Enfamil formula for babies!!  i was like WTH??!! LOL  I have NO idea why they sent that! and NO I didnt sign up for it! unless they messed up my pg date with Sarina? IDK! there's a lady at church in mid-pg so I'm going to see if she wants it. just thought it was SO wierd!! LOL!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

so we're out of school the rest of the weekend. really, I dont see the need, rediculous how jittery the schools are anymore. we do have emergency pick up points we can use if they dont want to go to all the back roads. we never use them though.
C had an ortho appt today, he was aggravated though cause they only graded him a 2 on his cleaning and he's to wear two sets of bands now. poor guy. goes back in 5 weeks and will be getting brackets on his back lower teeth. i'm sure he'll be complaining after that one too.
went to the gym afterwards, halfway through I realized I didnt put my deo on  LOL! luckily the gym wasnt that busy this morning, wish I could do that often! C's friend Graham met us there and we worked out for 1.5 hrs. I only did just over an hour and then went around with the boys as they worked out. I got in 30 minutes of cardio (3 ten minute intervals) and the rest were weights. I got up to 70 lbs on the leg press today! did 50 on the V squat! last time I did 40 and 20 on those. go me! I'm sure my legs will be feeling it tomorrow, but that's ok!
the boys enjoyed themselves, we may go tomorrow perhaps, who knows. I like going!

dh doesnt get to come in today. the truck coming from Canada got caught in the snow and wont arrive til tonight. he'll be home tomorrow though (he's back in AL).

oh oh oh , I found some AWESOME deals at waldenbooks yesterday. they're closing the store and stuff is 50-70% off. I got some Zelda manga put back for birthdays, a Thor premiere edition hardback comic for dh for Valentine's day and other stuff. I'm really hoping I have some extra $ this weekend so I can go back and get more stuff  I'm such a book nerd!