Tuesday, January 31, 2006


and wanted to stick in that baby has been so active today. and he's kicking well above my belly button now. right now he's back at bamboozling my bladder.

belly pics postponed

sorry not been on much, been working/schooling and stuff like that. we've got stuff to finish before baby gets here and I'm trying to keep us on a good and tight schedule. it's working, we're progressing at the rate of 7 days worth of work in 4 days, so here's hoping it's finished before baby comes!

and I'm sad. I had to cancel my pic appt with Kate tomorrow cause the Pres will be in Nashville through the time of our appointments and we'd have to go through one of the areas that are going to be shut down for a few hours. dh told me tonight he'd 'appreciate it' if I could reschedule. of course he's right, hours in the van with 4 kids who want to get somewhere is never fun. I already called Kate, she probably doesn't realize how sad I am about not getting to go, I try to be upbeat all the time, but gosh.
I did get my hair done last night and have been mentally preparing what pants and poses to do. she was great though and is letting us reschedule whenever dh's schedule is open. hopefully a weekend SOON.

of course we still have Gavin's eye appt tomomorrow, its not in a shut down area and its time for his eyes to be rechecked to see if the new glasses are making a difference. I hope they are! he doesn't like them at all and would rather go without glasses.

Mel, do Durango's seat enough passengers for us? the Expedition we looked at yesterday could seat 9! *cool!* I like having room in case someone wants to ride with us or something. I want something bigger, heck the kids legs are getting longer everyday and even with a grand caravan, the back seats are crowded for katlyn and gav. I'm going to hate the gas mileage though. I'm a cheapy!
and Mel, not like we can afford them all! there's an amount I don't want to go over and I'd like to get a good trade in on my van (which really shouldn't be a problem!) and if we're blessed, get a lower payment! (how nice would THAT be?!) so we'll see!

I do need to get those pics posted of the clean rooms. I could actually get more tonight, amazingly both kids rooms are still clean! thanks to military mom's orders for getting everything picked up every night before bed!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

what does it take?

can I say stupid dr.s really get on my nerves?

my brother and SIL went to the dr today for a recheck and they ended up putting her in to see the other dr. in the practice. he wasn't worried AT ALL about her! he told her "its normal for stuff like this to happen, just relax and don't overdo it."
she asked 'what about the cervical check?'
he said 'well, if you want me to I can.' so they opted not to. nothing like making you feel stupid. :
he didn't even give her the paperwork the other dr said she'd be given for restricted work duty. luckily her manager has already said whatever it took to help her out, they'd do it.
she felt really deflated and I was SO upset! I told her to NOT pay attention to that dr and take the other ones advice! she's off the next 4 days at least, but has school tomorrow and Monday. I told her if she has a backache like she was having or ANY of the aches like she was for more than 20 minutes to take it seriously and go ahead and go to the hospital.
it just totally aggravates me that some people take pg as nothing until the baby actually gets here.
I told her some dr.s just do their job and some actually care about their patients.

present from dh :)

My honey brought me home some purdy roses yesterday when he came home! ^_^

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

stay put little nephew!

scary news

My brother and SIL just called and she was in the hospital today for preterm labor. She'd had what turned out to be contractions for at least a day (pain in her lower back, tummy ache and then her thighs hurting). she thought she had a kidney infection since the back pain was centered on one side, but while at college today, she started spotting.
the dr.s sent her to the labor/delivery floor and they had everything prepped for delivery if they couldn't stop the labor. They DID get it stopped though, thank God. They didn't believe her when she said she was only 21 weeks because they told her 'she was having contractions of a 7 or 8 month pg woman' : stupid people like that, geez!
she was told by the L&D dr. that her cervix is already thinned to 25%, so not good, and that her cervix was 'starting to open'.
They did get great heartbeats of the baby on the belly monitors too and said he was very active.
they gave her a shot of something to stop the labor, she doesn't know what it was though.
she goes back in the morning for a follow up with her OB.
The dr. recommended bedrest, but she says she needs to work since they just got into this house. He said he'd give her 4 days to try out a cashier position where she works if they can have a stool for her to sit on so she's not on her feet. no sweeping/mopping/nothing for her.
she called to ask if there was an exercise or something to help stop the contrax. she knew the kegals helped strengthen the muscles there, but I told her that no, if there was, it'd be in all the pg books.
I told her to be lazy and enjoy it!

I called my mom after I got off the phone to tell her so she can get a prayer chain going too. gotta pray that little guy stays in there to cook!
oh, they gave her a new EDD that's in April. I guess that's when she hits third tri (haven't looked it up, she's 2 weeks ahead of me) and that really freaked her out. she's scared and upset of course. I told her its possible this could put her in a high risk pg group when she has any more kids. (totally thinking of Shayna the whole time, wishing they could talk!).

I just hope and pray little Landon stays inside to bake as long as possible.

name him what?

dh is home (for one night) and wont let me get far! he brought me flowers home tonight! got pics I'll post tomorrow!

gotta go, we're having a name discussion... oh I've got to keep a list of these...

Monday, January 23, 2006

school and ebay

I'm so happy with my ebay stuff! looks like I'll make right at $140 and that'll make a BIG dent in getting the kids curriculum for next year (and I really could put some of that towards our house insurance that's due.. maybe. ). Got a few things that haven't sold, so will relist them in hopes they get gone. I want it outta here!

Canaan started on his new social studies books today and already likes them. and to show how fast we're able to work through these, Katlyn is already as far in her history/science now since we just got her books in Dec, as she is in her language that was started in August! big difference! I hope the rest of the school year goes like that.

I gave them a treat today, I said if they got done by 1 that we'd go out for pizza (papa john's Monday special) and they were done at 12:50! they were tickled about that! we also stopped and picked up some rent one get one movies with free kids rentals, so we're set for at least 5 days. LOL!
dh will be on his way home tomorrow! its a two day drive for them, being in semis, but he'll be home on Wednesday at least! wee!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

pg mentioned-belly pic page

This is my belly pic page if anyone wants to see the belly growing progression. :) updated today with my *gasp* 20 week belly pic!

20 week belly shot!

clicking the pic will enlarge it. :)

Friday, January 20, 2006

out and about

I had a good morning out by myself. its hilarious that I meet people out and about that are used to seeing me with the kids. they ask "are you having a quiet morning?" and "where's all your ducklings?" I admit, its nice having some me time for a few hours each week. I come home a happy mommy and stress-free instead of ready to crash and burn.

I stopped at both consignment stores in town today and found some maternity stuff at both that was on sale. score! also found some infant gowns (I love those things!) and a burp towel that I put in Tasha's basket. (I'm putting together a baby basket for her full of different things. )

I'm in a bad mood tonight. geez. don't know why, but I'm awfully crabby!

ultrasound scrap pages

don't know if this will work or not, but trying...
page one of my ultrasound layout. kept it simple.
page two. I love the silhouette! :) The journaling is a rub-on.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

thank you and Congrats to my brother and SIL!

Thank you for all the congrats. and you are all right, he's got a purpose and it'll be cool seeing what the plans are for him. Just something I'll have to deal with in my heart, something I've wanted since I was in elementary school just may be a dream, nothing more.
Canaan said "its ok mom, just have another baby and maybe that one will be a girl!"

I did get cool news a bit ago, my brother and SIL are also having a little boy! I just talked to my mom and they're still in the u/s but she said my brother's grin could crack his cheeks he's smiling so hard.

after they get back, we're going to goodwill. see if we can scope out some blue stuff. I got rid of most everything last time. got tired of packing everything, so there'll be a lot of stocking up to do! which is cool, I like getting "new" stuff for the babes. (my new stuff is generally hitting the yard sales and consignment stores )

so off to get some school work finished up before we head out again today!

oh, I got in a spurt of cleaning today and vacuumed my living room fan (which I will confess was totally gross ) and even vacuumed the ceiling all around it. we have a 'popcorn' ceiling, so all that dust was clinging to it. bleh! all clean now! I got the furniture too (all that high stuff I don't normally see from my vantage point ).

I do feel accomplished this morning, though now I could really vacuum the whole floors of the house. that'd be a nice difference.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

u/s update!

LOL! sorry! I didn't get home till 6 and had to fix dinner for hungry kids (and me!) ^_^
everything went great today, baby is "perfect" in the dr.s words and we  got to see everything to know that's true. baby was cooperative too and we now know we make boys really well. LOL!
yep, Connor Grant is on the way!

pg mentioned: U/S today!

I have my mid-point ultrasound today! its not til 2:30 and I likely wont be home til about 5 tonight, but I'll email and tell the results tonight. think lots of OLV for us! :)