Monday, May 28, 2007

awesome news!

I have wonderful news about Garrett though! Seems the equate is doing its magic and he's back up to 24 lbs as of this morning!  I'm SO glad to see that and that he's eating well and another big factor is that he pooped this morning and it was NORMAL!!!! no more runs!!!!!!!!!!  now he can start eating his yogurt again, I'm SO happy!!

his sleep has been whacked, but ah well. last night he woke at 2:30 and 5, brought him to bed with us then and he fussed until I fixed him a sippy and he gulped that down and slept til almost 9. I was soooooooo tired when he woke at 5 though. I really didn't have the patience for fussing then. *blush* thankfully daddy took care of him besides me getting his sippy.

he's playing now this morning, has eaten some breakfast too. the kids are enjoying a day off and Canaan went with dh and FIL down to Nashville.

it'll be a boring day, but I'll be working my butt off STILL cleaning the house! I've already changed my sheets and gotten a big pile of bed linens in the washer, got the dishwasher going, put up some clothes for garrett, got breakfast for the kids, got myself dressed (go me LOL ) and now I'm sitting here.

I did buy myself a present yesterday. while at best buy, I got katlyn her new music clip for her mp3 player, but also got myself the new Inuyasha movie #4.  it included a soundtrack CD and that's what I'm listening to. we'll watch the movie later today!

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