Friday, March 31, 2006

just stuff

C got to stay the night with his friend Ken last night (soon to be cousin since he's TAsha's little brother). so they stayed at the ballpark til around 7 cause Ken had a scrimage game. I know C loved that though.
me and the other kids came home and vegged the rest of the night. the kids got out playdoh (oh lordy, the mess!) and played on the puter and even had out the checkers.

mom's going with us to town today. its supposed to rain, so likely no yard sales. we may go to CARES to see what they have though. still gonna be in the mid 70s though, so no complaints about rain from me! no rain tomorrow and in the low 70s. great weekend weather!
dh will be home today, sometime. he didnt tell me when. mentioned something about sneaking in on me, silly man.

I must comment on this Gold Bond Ultimate Healing lotion I got. it ROCKS! those dry patchy places on my face look SO much better! I'm still a little red, but my skin doesnt look like its falling off and stuff Wish I'd have found it earlier! LOL!

one complaint of pg this morning. round ligament pains are kicking my butt!!!!!!!!!!!!  my gosh, they are hurting so much now. I'm having to breathe through the dang things and hold my side. maybe I need my ligament tightened up?


Thursday, March 30, 2006


just vegging for a few before we have to head out again. got home about 3 and have to head back out in about 10 minutes to take C to ball practice.
had a good day, got the game I wanted!  then headed to get my oil changed since I was a bit overdue. then off to goodwill to drop off a bunch of stuff then to big lots to see what they had. didnt find anything other than a swing and some strollers and carseats. good prices, but not what I'm looking for. oh well.
back home and stopped at the (good) cosignment store to drop off some stuff and see what she had. she does have a nice Graco 6 speed swing I'm thinking of getting. only $25 and its like new.  she's also got a travel swing for $20 and its only a 2 speed with no special things on it. we'll see. I'd like to see if I can find something at a yard sale, but no guarantee I'll find what I want before I need it.
while there I did get a Miracle Blanket for $6, bassinette sheet and a cute spiderman onesie with extra diaper cover (so cute!) got a pic of it, but will have to share later.

thinking of getting more to eat while in town (we had McD before heading out for lunch) and its about gone now. guess we'll see.
I fixed tuna fish and egg salad yesterday.

ok, gotta get out the door again. :P

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Time Warp

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one year ago:3-2005
-Our kitty Callie passed away while we were at church this evening.

-I know some friends mean well and only want to say the best thing. I know they didnt mean to say something that actually hurt my feelings.
But, to say "at least I have four children at home" is not going to take away the hurt I feel.
Dont get me wrong! I have been thankful for each and every one of my children from the moment I found I was pregnant! Never would I be unthankful for them!
But it doesnt lessen the pain for the baby that I looked forward to holding in my arms. I still miss that soul.
I am thankful that I was picked to be their momma.

-In my life I've never seen
A more precious sight than what could be
A life, given by the grace of God to hold.
And in my eyes you are to me
A tender, precious loving seed
That never had the chance to fully grow.
And while I cry for what was lost
I feel so blessed that I was chose
To be the Mom that you will someday know.
And so with the Angels you will grow,
But in my heart I'll always know
That my child, smiles upon me from above.
For loving seeds have tender hearts
And nothing on earth can take apart
What God has given us to know and love.

For my baby Gidget with love from Mommy 3-16-2005

two years ago: 3-2004
-another cute kid talk today: i got a pair of shorts out for gavin since it was nice (warm) out. when i brought them to him he looked quite offended and said "PANTIES??!!"
i was laughing like a nut!

three years ago: 3-2003
- Hunter loves the vacuum! if he's cranky all i have to do is plug it in and 'vrooooom'! he chases me everywhere while i'm vacuuming, yanking the cord, climbing up my legs, getting in front of me, smacking it, hollering at it. not to mention the older kids play a game of "its going to get us" through the whole house.
put in with that, Tilly, who runs like a bee's on her butt everytime i get in the same room as her with the thing, it makes vacuum time quite fun.

-hunters wearing a size 4-4.5 in shoes now. me thinks he'll have big feet like canaan at this rate. canaan's first pair of walking shoes at 9 months were a 5.5. katlyn and gavin were both wearing size 3-4 at one year old.

-hunter is now 23 lbs and 30" tall. he cruises, he pulls up, he screams for attention, has 6 teeth. did i mention he also makes julian fries?

-canaan got in his first ball practice today. he was ready to go at 8 this morning! waiting is such a hard thing on a kid

four years ago: 3-2002
-Tiny is doing great (still no names picked yet), he's getting into patterns of wakefulness during the day. he's usually most active first thing in the morning and around lunch and around bedtime. last night while i was reading to the kids he was having a blast in there! those little feet were all up around my ribs, out my belly and my sides, while his little fingers were tickling my cervix and probably punching my bladder. canaan got to feel him moving the other day and finally asked me "why is he moving mommy?" LOL! i thought that was cute. i of course explained to him that babies do move while in mommy's tummies, just like they do when they're born.

-tomorrow is driving to nashville day to pick up the paychecks. :p not my fav thing. i'ts right on the verge of a two hour drive there and back plus the traffic *ugh*
-weight:184, gained 6 lbs *eek!* for a total gain of 11 lbs so far BP: 115/66 (me and the nurse were talking. )
pee test was fine for everything, baby was sleeping so was easy to find on my right side snuggled up. i'm measuring "normal" right between 23-24 cm (whew!).

five years ago:3-2001
-Many good reasons to hate driving in Nashville! when i open the door i see it's a totally child oriented bathroom. i mean, unless i want to practically sit on the floor to pee, i gotta find somewhere else to go! what's up with this????

- my biggest news today made me quite mad! remember when I was talking about the food lion food lion manager and how he wouldn't let me exchange the baby food Gavin cant eat for something he can? so I called the corporate office and they sent me a letter stating that YES, I can exchange it? WELL....
I took that letter in today and showed it to the manager and I'll have you know he STILL refused to let me exchange it!!!!!!! can you believe it????

-we're going to be seeing Dr. Sinatra at Vanderbuilt for Gavin's first eye appointment.

six years ago: 3-2000
- On the good side of things, the baby is getting big enough to make an impact. On my tummy that is.

seven years ago: 3-1999
- As I start my journal today, I guess I can reflect on my other two pregnancies
- I told Canaan I was going to have another baby and he said "ok mommy, the baby in your belly?" Then he puts his head up to my belly and listens for a few seconds and says, "I hear it mommy! I hear the baby!" then he gets behind me and says "I'll help you push mommy." and proceeds to push against my back.

Baby feet!

forgot to mention that I felt baby's feet this morning!!!
he was being so cute stretching this morning when I was waking up, he was stretching just like I can imagine him doing after he's born, those little arms stretching out around his head with little fingers tickling/wiggling then his little feet pushing out to stretch his little toes (which pushed his little butt up to my ribs LOL ). So I got to feeling around on him, seeing where he was positioned and way over on my left side I felt his little feet!! I was playing around with them and he pushed his feet out again (which pushed his little butt up ). that just made my morning!

I was also reading back in my written journals. He's been SO active through the day, I couldn't remember if the others were like this. seems he's up so much during the day (which I'd rather he be up during the day than the night!). so reading up on Katlyn's entries, I wrote how active she was at this time too (remember her EDD was the same as this one's is!). so that made me feel better. I was worried about another Hunter coming along I love him like crazy, but one in the bunch is enough right now. ROFLOL!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

sibling says so!

Hunter came up a bit ago and Gavin was talking about the new kittens outside (we have 4 new kittens). so we mentioned 'babies' and there was a baby in mommy's tummy. he looked very serious and petted his tummy and said "my no baby my tummy" (he has no baby in his tummy). I said "mommy has a baby" rubbing my belly. he poked it and said "baby sleep". baby was actually awake so I put his hand on my tummy and baby kicked his hand. his eyes got a bit wider and I asked "did you feel baby play?" he shakes his head no and says adamantly "baby sleep!" I think he's in denial.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Git 'r done!

pretty productive day so far (course it is pooping me out LOL)
kids got their work done (C is finishing up one of his social studies books now), got into town and my brother had my $ for the washer/dryer they bought so I got some cash ( ) then had to deposit a check for FIL.
took my brother to the detail shop where he was getting his car done while out and about, then stopped to pick me up some tacos at taco bell (kids had already eaten). I hoped that the yard sale I seen yesterday was going to reopen today, but no luck *boo*, so dropped off some library books then went to Blockbuster. I've got a rewards card, so M-W I get a free non-new release rental for free. turns out I made out like a bandit cause I was eligible for a free new release as well plus 2 free kids movies, plus got the $9 special of two 20 oz drinks and a tub of popcorn with my stuff, so I got 9 movies plus the drinks and popcorn for $9.43!! go me! I'm so good!
I got Corpse Bride (sissy's been wanting to see it), Chicken Little, Racing Stripes, Major League I and II for Canaan, Big Mama's House, Benji unleashed, Mr. Nanny, and Peter Pan. we're set for the week!!
finally after that we headed home. well, right as we're pulling into the drive, Hunter starts fussing and low and behold, he blows up. don't know what caused it cause he has no fever, but it was burrito from his lunch. all the other kids were "EWWWWWWW"ing and "YUCK"ing while he's bawling, plus they want to stand around and gawk (reminds me of rubber neckers on the freeway ). luckily (for me) he got most of it on himself, so there was little cleanup in the van *whew* just had to scrub some small places in the seats and floor and take the carseat pad off for washing. he's not gotten sick since, so who knows.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

belly pic page updated!

Following the 5th pregnancy in pictures

newest belly is on display!

new pics!

29 week belly shot!
maybe baby's coming home outfit
new nursing necklace from eBay!
my new hair color! (its not orangey now)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

oh my aching back!

I'm so sore today.  gosh, I really wore myself out yesterday! I even went to bed at 7:30 and my wonderful hubby stayed up with the kids and got them to bed.  I didn't go to sleep, but did nod off time and again til about 9 when I woke up to read a bit in bed, then back to sleep at 11.
we slept til 7:30 this morning too and my back is so stiff. I slept on my back most of the night to keep my hips from hurting, but it makes my back stiff.  I'm walking like Tim Conway again :P
dh will be taking C to ball practice around noon and the other kids and I will go to my moms. she bought my hair color for me yesterday and is going to do my hair for me today.

Friday, March 24, 2006

If only

If only somone would just drop 20K in our laps, free to do what we want with... it'd be so helpful.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

whats in a name? obviously a LOT

the name debate continues.
 HE is set on Dartanian (actually spelled D'Artagnan) for some awful reason.
he has agreed to liking Gunnar.
I wanted to use Garrick, but he says its too close to Derek so not as a first name, but maybe a middle name.
I asked him about Pierce and he did the 'thinking stance' but I got no response.
he should just let me decide. :)
I want to use Garrick, have my reasons, just not wanting to say why yet... it'll be a surprise. :)
I WOULD like to know what to call this kid though.
(this would have been so much easier if we were having a girl. LOL!)

latest scrap pages

trying this again, for some reason it wouldn't post... (I'll probably have it posted 3 times after this. :P )

latest belly pics

28 weeks:
27.5 weeks
27 weeks

baby this week

Your baby now weighs about 2.7 lbs (1.2kg), measures about 10.4 inches (26cm) from crown to rump, and is around 16.7 inches (42cm) long. He is plumper and rounder, and his head and body are beginning to be in proportion.

Your baby now uses all of his senses. He can see, taste, recognize touch and the sound of your voice.

During the last trimester, your baby will receive antibodies from you through your placenta that will provide immunity from many diseases.

Your baby's adrenal glands are producing androgen-like substances. Androgens are normally male sex hormones, but in late pregnancy, when they reach the placenta they are turned into estrogen which in turn stimulates the production of prolactin in your body. Prolactin is the hormone needed for milk production. In this exchange, your baby is beginning to stimulate milk production in your breasts so that when he is born there will be food waiting for him.

GTT stinks!

I just got an aggravating phone call from my dr though. I failed my 1 hr GTT. of course they want me to do the 3 hr, but I don't WANT to do the 3 hr. I always pass the 3 hr w/ flying colors and with how the one hour about felled me on my butt 3 times, I really don't want to go through that again! ARGH!!!
my level was 149.

on the good news, all my other tests were fine: iron, etc were great and even my platelet numbers came back up (don't know what they were, the nurse just said the dr. signed off on them, so they were obviously fine) I'll ask at my next appt.

I just don't want to take that 3 hr. dang it! I never took it with G's pg, passed the 1hr w/ H's pg, so here I am at a roadblock again. do I or don't I? I know many would say 'well of course you take it!' but I do have a choice. there is NO diabetes in my family at all. I never have a problem w/ sugar except obviously at times like this and its not really a problem since I always pass the 3 hr and I don't eat that much sugar anyway. ugh.


besides that nothing much going on today. FIL just left for his follow up dr. appt to see if he gets released to go back to work.
Its dreary and cold out there today, a totally blah day. :P

Saturday, March 18, 2006

school stuff-check!

I'm VERY happy! I won 5 auctions (4 tonight) for C's curriculum for his next school year! I'll be spending less than half if I'd bought it new! the only thing I really need to get for him now is social studies.
Then I need to start looking for K!
gotta love eBay!

Friday, March 17, 2006

feeling like pooh

had my GTT today, got a late start, so didnt get there til around 10:45. I got to pick fruit punch this time (woo! LOL). its just amazing how sweetly nasty that stuff is on an empty tummy. she let us leave (with the usual instructions of no eating or drinking, not even to chew gum) and mom, I and the two youngest boys went in search of some shoes for mom. (she wore sandals today and was cold. LOL!
we found a Fred's where she got some sheepskin lined mocasins (sp??) and we then wandered through the baby stuff. I found some adorable disney 2 pc sets for only $2 so she got one for me and Tasha (mine is light blue with pooh and soccer balls and T's is yellow with Mickey and baseballs). we left there and it was time to head back for my draw.
draw went well, she got enough for two vials since my platelets are to be rechecked. the boys were watching the whole time, asking about her 'poking me'
then we all went to sonic to finally eat! I got a standard #1 combo and enjoyed that ( ). then we headed back towards home. we never went to walmart cause we were both tired and I still had to get dh's tags renewed and my license renewed.
got the first done and went to do my license and the puters in frankfort were down, so no go and they said I could come back in a bit to recheck. so we headed over to the scrap store.
when I got there I made a potty break, then while I was out looking around, started feeling very icky. my pulse went up, broke out in a sweat and got weak feeling. I squatted down at one point and held onto a shelf, trying to get some good breaths and feel better. stood up and still didnt feel well, so told lou ann I was heading out. they offered to let me sit in thier chairs, but figured I'd not do any shopping at that point anyway.
once I got outside, the air made me feel better so I got back to the van with no problem. mom asked me waht was wrong and I told her. she checked my pulse while I just relaxed a bit.
so I felt better and we drove back to the license dept. I felt fine walking from the van to the building, but once inside, it started all over again, only a bit worse. I squatted down (why are there never any seats?????????!!) and felt myself tearing up cause I just felt like poop and couldnt control it. also felt like I coudlnt get a full breath no matter how deeply I breathed.
the security lady asked after me and I tried to shrug it off and went on upstairs to see if the puters were back up.
get up there and nope, still down. :P
so I leave and once again outside I feel pretty fine. I didnt tell mom I felt so back in the courthouse though.
we get home and are getting stuff inside and as I'm going in, mom calls out to bring me the little outfit she bought the baby. I'm standing at the back door, one hand on the latch waiting and as she gets close she holds up the outfit to me. I tried twice to raise my arm up to get it, but couldnt get it over 30 degrees away from my side. the whole time I'm telling my arm "go! go!" and also thinking, "I need to sit down, now." mom asks if I'm ok and I feel my eyes start rolling and I kinda squeak out "I dont feel good" and start crying.
she grabs me up and gets me in telling me to call the dr. and asks if I'd felt like this before.
the only other time I can think of was when pg with Gav during the summer while we were at Lowe's hothouse and trying to walk back to the car. I didnt think I was going to make it that day either and had already started tearing up, but didnt tell my mom taht day either since I felt fine after getting in the van and sitting.
we figure it was from teh glucose test today. I just dont usually take in that much sugar in a day. I dont remember having this happen after other GTT tests though. who knows.
I guess I was on the verge of fainting, I've only ever fainted from heat exhaustion and it was an instant thing then, not something that crept up on me.
but the third time today it happened was the worst, pulse went up, broke out in a sweat, my whole body was tingling, I was going weak and hard to catch my breath.
so given strict orders to be as horizontal as possible till I felt better I stretched out in dh's recliner for about an hour then went to bed and tried to get some rest in for a couple of hours.
I'm up and about now, feeling better, but can tell its not completely gone, whatever it was.
baby is fine, BTW, he's been very active today.
so I guess that wasnt short afterall.
I'm hungry again, but once again, nothing sounds good. :P