Monday, April 30, 2007


had a stupid caller this morning at 6:30 though! it was on the kids cell
phone too. I dont know WHO had their number before, but dang, they get
the strangest calls! it was obviously a school kid calling, cause when I
finally got it (on the 3rd time they called!) I could hear him telling
his mom that 'so-n-so' had a pair of pants he could use. I just turned
off the phone and refrained from what I was /going/ to say. *blush*

I'm searching for a new heater for our waterbed. our digital one kicked
the bucket and the makers of it are out of business so the warranty is
no good.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

where'd it go?!

where IS my brain?
talk about goofy things we do...
I fixed G two bottles tonight, one for bedtime and one for JIC he wakes tonight. well, he didnt finish his bedtime bottle, so I was putting it up (yeah, bad mommy) and couldnt find the other one! I KNEW I made two. so I checked all over the kitchen: microwave, pantry, fridge again, table, stove, sink... WHERE did it go?? wanna know where I found it?

in the cabinet where I keep the bottles.
me thinks its time for bed... way past in fact.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

go team!

C's team won again tonight! 6-5. they're now the "toughest team" in the league so far. they still have 8 games to go. C struck out once and made it to first the 2nd time. didnt get to bat a 3rd cause the kid before him struck out. they didnt do the best at batting tonight, but they did great fielding which kept the game tight.

after the game we came home and watch Night at the Museum. GREAT movie!! :-) definitely a keeper!

Monday, April 23, 2007


sitting in the quiet now. all the kids went down easy. after school we played outside for the longest time. they rode the 4wheeler, played some gameboys, rode bikes/skates, played in the water (new nozzle on the hose = too irresistible to pass up :-D ) and more. I got my maters watered and staked up (poor things were flopped over from the sun today) and moved a bunch of hostas from one flower bed that were getting choked out by ivy. also made a new place under my willow tree. put hostas under there, after putting down weed paper. will still need to put mulch on it soon! hopefully dh's check will be good enough that we can get a load of mulch this coming weekend. I have several places I need to fill!

got the house vac'ed this morning, but never did get to laundry, though the kids did get the dirty sheets off the beds. (still gotta do my own before I lay down).

it did rain through lunch time, but the rest of the day was nice. I'm actually hoping it rains out C's ballgame tomorrow so it can be pushed back so dh can be here for it. bad mommy, but with him being an assistant coach, he loves making the games. I love him being there too, it really helps C to have his dad cheer him on.

my mom and SD are heading to Gatlinburg on thursday for a long weekend. I'd love to go, but oh well. she's already looking forward to the perfume shops.

Friday, April 20, 2007

how tall?

another neat thing, checking out babycenter/parentcenter growth predictor tools, it estimated the kids at the following at 18 years of age:

Canaan 6'4"
Katlyn 5'9"
Gavin 6'0"
Hunter 6'3"

and estimating Garrett to grow at Katlyn's height (since he seems to be following her growth most closely) it estimated him at 6'4" as well. course that's all a wait and see thing, but neat to think about. good thing I'm good at saving $ at the grocery store!!
and it also estimated Gavin, Katlyn and Canaan an inch taller than the last time I plugged in the numbers. Wonder if that's after a growth spurt or what.


so this morning we got up and H was running a low grade fever. little red cheeks and all. he's gotten tylenol, lots of juice and plenty of laziness today and he's feeling much better tonight.

check it out Mel!
we hit yard sales this morning and I got a gold mine! the first yard sale I racked up on clothes for G and H and a couple extras. for $12.50 I got
7 shirts
3 pjs
5 pair of jeans
1 pair of camo denim shorts
1 shirt for K
pair of cowboy boots for Gav
FP bubble blowing lawn mower
a whole bucket full of View Master slides and 2 View Masters

at the cosignment store, she was having a $2 bag sale, so stuffing 2 bags I got:
3 shirts for the boys
2 jeans for the boys
3 shirts for G (2T-3T for fall/winter)
1 pr 3T fleece zip up pjs for G
1 romper for G
2 pr pants for G (2T)
bikini for K (so she can use the top)
4 shirts for K
2 pr jeans for K
pair of knee high black boots for me
1 long black skirt for me
1 pr pants for me
3 shirts for me
1 dress for me
1 sprinkler for the kids
1 small backpack K picked out

I think that's it.  yeah buddy, I'm happy!!

plus I saved $43 at the store and my grocery bill was $60. still need to go to walmart and get a few items, but didnt want to go today.

after we got home and all the stuff was put up, we let G get outside in the jumperoo. he was so happy after a day of riding around! he did eventually fill his pants and all that ended up outside the diaper pretty much. even his shoes are tossed in the wash! stinky boy! I even had to change clothes cause he got all over me!

the best news is DH got home tonight in plenty of time for the game! he took C to the park early after dinner to get in more practice. mamaw and papaw went to the park to cheer him on as well. me and the other kids are staying here of course. they wont be done til about 10pm so way too cold to have the kids, especially Garrett and Hunter out in it.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

fridge woes

we had an interesting lunch. went to make pizza for us when I realized
the pepperonis were thawed out! so upon closer inspection, the whole
freezer is thawed and the fridge is warm.
I freaked and called dh who calmed me down and we figured out who to
call. (remembered who FIL bought the fridge from) so I called the
service dept. thankfully they put a rush on fridges! he got here about 1:30.
before that the kids helped me rush anything salvagable out to the
fridge in the garage (thank you Lord we decided to keep that!) and
trashed all the leftovers and some stuff I knew needed tossed anyway.
I took the opportunity to clean the whole fridge. its as clean as it was
when it was brought over!
repair wasnt bad, $139.00. I can handle that, especially since he had to
replace 2 pieces. (fan had gone out which caused the compressor starter
to burn out).
letting it chill up now. it should be ready to restock when we get back
from town around 6:30.

uh oh!

HA! he just got caught splashing in the cat's water. he's so funny, he
seen me coming and got a *uhoh!* look on his face and hurried up and
splashed it a good 5 more times before I could get to him. stinker just
laughed when I picked him up!

busy busy

G has been busy doing his jobs this morning. 'his jobs?' you say? why yes. he has certain work he gets done around the house that no one else will do. he's very proud of himself too.
his first job is to check out the shoe shelf by the back door. Its his job to make sure NONE Of the shoes are left ON the shelf back there. they belong in the floor obviously cause that's where he keeps putting them, one "plop" at a time.
and the other is to fill his diaper with the most stinkinish stinkified stink that can be smelled. oh yes. he's done very well today!

good time, good dinner

we had a good time last night. we helped mamaw and papaw in the garden when we got there. we helped clear out the old mum plants to see if she had any growth left after the frost. she has very few that survived, but hopefully they'll still bloom out as the weather continues to warm up. her new stock will be coming in next month.
my hands are super tender from working out there though. :-D I can tell I'm not a gardener! LOL!
we fixed chicken tacos for dinner last night too. :-)

after we got home, I finished up Hunter's birth picture CD, but it's not playing on a regular dvd player. :-( gotta figure out how to fix that. I want to make a few 'movies' and put them on a disc so I can give as C-mas or bday gifts this year. :-)

ball practice tonight and a shop after I drop C off. ball game tomorrow night at 8pm. :P mom said she'll come out to the ball park to help with the kids. that'll be very nice!
dh said he may get to come home saturday if the trucks show up like they should and they can get them unloaded/set up on time.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

10 months

10 month recap of all my kiddos!

starting at the top
Canaan: 32 1/2", 26 lbs

Katlyn: 31 1/2", 22.7 lbs

Gavin: 32 3/4", 26.5 lbs

Hunter: 32", 25 lbs

Garrett: 31 3/4", 23 lbs

I think its neat to see that G is the lightest of all the boys so far. he's on the size scale of Katlyn, which is nice for my hip. LOL! plus he has her curly type hair, but more like Gavin's as his wasnt as curly as K's. he's also walking at 10 months which is what K did. I think that's cool. (not to mention they both had/have reflux issues and such).
and cant you tell from Hunter's pic that he was going to be a handfull?
its going good today. had a full nights sleep and a full belly last night so all is right with the world.
mom had a good ol' country dinner last night: beans, taters, cornbread, tomatoes and mac-n-cheese. I eat waaaaaaaaaaay too much of that stuff when its fixed! she invited us over again tonight and it may be spaghetti cause I seen the meat thawed out in the fridge.

another nice warmish day out there, but its supposed to rain. *sniff* which is ok I guess. the trees/plants need it after that horrendous frost.

this morning I cleaned the boys room. that included vac'ing behind the toybox and everything. this calls for a "All hail the queen cause she's done an amazing thing!!" I'm telling ya, that room scares me! no telling what kind of critters hibernate in there! course now its cleaned up, so at least it looks better!

I'm working on doing a dvd movie of Hunter's birth. the windows program though is kinda fruity. next time I'll use another program for it. All I'm doing now is adding text in and I want to add music and it'll be done. it starts freezing after about an hour of work though. duh. at least it autosaves for me.

oh and I do have the 10 month stats for all the kids (I know your all so excited. ) will do that next!

Friday, April 13, 2007

yard sales are calling!

C didnt have his game tonight. they got rained out. he was sad of course. the next game is on monday. dh will be out of town though so that makes us all sad. :-(
dh is off tomorrow. he's going to take my van in to get the tires balanced.

got to do some yard sales today while in town! found some good deals of course. got Katlyn 3 new tops sooooooooo cute (and name brand) for $1.75. at another one, found an Incredibles ps2 game for $5 and was given two HUGE boxes of toys for $3!  :-D I offered for the first box cause it was loaded with kitchen stuff (play stuff) and I didnt want to dig through the box. I asked how much for the whole box and she said 'make an offer'. then she said 'just take all this stuff over here too!'  :-D we had a ball going through it all! I did sort it out though, one grocery bag went in the trash, one big bag is going to goodwill, one is going to the 'birthday grab bag' stash and all the rest the kids got (which was still a TON of stuff!). lots of Disney princess, Dora, kitchen stuff, happy meal toys and more.
then the last yard sale I finally found summer stuff for G! I spent $7.70 and got 3 pair shorts (camo print, grey sport and khaki), 2 pc Circo set, Army tee, Carters romper with fish bowl accent, Old Navy 2 pc set, Walmart 2 pc 'earth mover' set, Old Navy gray muscle tee, Childs place Olive short sleeve sweater, and for me I got a red long sleeve cotton Old Navy shirt with a hood. 8-)
It'll do him for a while and at least he has more than onesies and 2 rompers now. :-D

I took the kids to taco bell for lunch. I love going there! and G loves a bean burrito and fiesta taters!

oh! my mom said she's going to give me her diffuser! now I can fix up my hair all cool and sassy!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

(no subject)

I'll be hitting the hay in just a minute. so tired. I feel like a bit of a sore throat is trying to sneak up on me. bleh!
it's been a good day, except the issues of getting C to get school done and not goofing off.  >:o I'm doing new rules as of today. we'll see how those stand with him. time to let evil-mommy come out again. *grrrrrrrrr*

G has been very grouchy today. every time he sees me he cries to get me to pick him up.  :-( he's had poop issues today though. not stopped up, its come out way too much today. started out normal, but 5 or 6 poops later and its a mess. his little butt was red by afternoon and getting diaper cream on him is a FIGHT and he's a strong little booger!! he can push me away from the change table with no problem, even better when I'm trying to hold a leg down so I can get stuff in all the nooks and crannies! I hope it looks better tomorrow.

I took the kids to mcds during C's practice today. mainly to play on the play area, but it was wet from the rain so we didnt stay out there long. the kids fussed about wanting food (of course) so I got a few burgers to munch on. ended up getting free ice cream for everyone cause they took over 10 minutes to get our food to us. and we were the only ones in line with food! the only other customers were 2 kids getting blizzard thingys! sheesh! I asked for the ice cream when they finally brought our burgers. the kids loved that! I got pics I'll try to post tomorrow too. G loved it as well. :-D

fixed talapia for dinner  :-) and I'm still stuffed.

I think dh is going out of town next week to work for Boeing.  :-( will know more later.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter! and my new hair!

egg hunting over at mamaw and papaws! (click the pics to make them larger)

from yesterday morning the boys playing.

ok, and drumroll please!
this morning before going to see Tammy. I should have gotten a pic out in the sun. it was

and today. WHEW!!!

it'll lighten up a bit, but I'm very happy! the wave is all mine! didnt know I had that much!

our team won! and other stuff too. :)

well, my boys team won their first game! 11-8, WTG! I got to stay til the bottom of the 3rd inning and then came on home. we (meaning me, Gavin, Hunter and Garrett) just hung out in the van cause I was parked next to the field and could see the score board and most of the field. little G napped for most of it and the other boys played with their spidey toys and we ate hot dogs that we brought. let them play around after g woke up. it was just too cold to get them out in it! our park sits right next to a creek so it gets crazy cold really quick in the afternoons.

a funny from today, well, not so funny, more goofy I suppose. I started vacuuming today and noticed my green light wasnt on (which meant the brush wasnt moving) so I flipped up the vac to see what was not going on. cleaned out the hair that was caught up in it and all that and brought the vac back up to standing position. well, when I did that, the upright part flipped up fast and clocked me upside the temple! made me see stars!!!  so now I've got a knot and a bruise on the side of my head.  can we say DUH?? LOL!

G has been pretty good today. I think he maybe wasnt getting enough attention cause its been so busy this past week.  so I made sure to give him extra attention today and he was great. hardly any screaming at all! *whew!*

I've got the pics uploaded, but its late now, so I'll post them in here tomorrow. or if you want to go peek, they're here at my flickr account.

and in other freaky news, my baby will be 10 months next week! wow! he did that fast!  I've changed my mind about him walking during his 9th month. he's gotten lazy on me. he will take a step between things and is getting braver with me playing with him to do it, but nah, I'll push it back a month now. he prefers being fast as a slick pig on his hands and knees. 

Friday, April 06, 2007

another tooth

 he LOVES my Kirby!
 Garrett's not been feeling the best the past couple days. he had a low grade fever yesterday and got picky about his eating. he's been picky today as well, but no fever. he slept SO much yesterday and also slept well last night. he's got another tooth cutting in, the incisor beside his front left one. it should break skin this week, if not this weekend. no signs of other teeth, so he'll have 5 and look kinda lop-sided for a while.
 dh is off this weekend, which is nice. they're still doing a short practice in the morning (BRRR!!!) and sunday we'll go to my moms after church for a little family GTG and egg hunt for the kids. the cousins are coming as well plus some friends, so it'll be fun.

new shoes!

new shoes!
 he got his new Disney Store robeez knock-offs today! they had to have been new. the auction said used, but she must of thought wrong! still on the little shoe hanger with the tissue in them and no foot marks on the bottoms. the thing is, we'll be needing some 18-24m sized ones REALLY soon. like by the end of the month, if not sooner.  like I said, my little big foot! he doesn't mind wearing them though and his feet don't sweat like crazy in them either. so I like!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


 I should be getting ready here in just a bit. I'm going to see if K, H and Gavin can stay here with FIL while I take mom to the dr. he wont be going anywhere anyway and it'd make it a lot easier not to have to call H and G down in the dr office.  hopefully he'll agree. I think he's working on his big truck outside this morning. K can keep an eye on the boys for him.

C has an auction closing in about an hour. he is selling a game that came with his PSP, Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories. its a rated M game that I wont let him touch!  so he's selling it and with that money can get something else. looks like it'll sell for about $10 (which is what a resell game store said they'd buy it for... well actually they said $9). so that's good. I think I'll give him some extra on it though cause he was hoping he'd make about $20 on it.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Garrett tasks

speaking of G, he's doing some new stuff.
*a couple weeks ago he figured out how to turn the light switches off and on.
*tonight he started shaking his head 'no'.
*tonight he also climbed all the way up daddy, from standing on the floor into his lap on the recliner, all on his own!
*tonight he was also stepping between the end table and couch to the mattress we have down for FIL in the living room without holding on to anything!
*a couple days ago he also started grinding his teeth. I'll be glad when he's over that one! LOL!

I love Sundays

today was church and C gave a short lesson to his 'student drummer' before we came home. FIL treated us to lunch at Hardees (did I mention that he came in on Friday?) and dh, C and FIL had to leave out quick for ball practice at 2, which they were late for. the other kids and I stayed to finish up lunch and came home. little G took a nap in the van while the others went inside/outside to goof around. I stayed outside the rest of the afternoon.
I cleaned out the front flower bed (tomorrow C will need to help me get the mower/wagon out to clean up the mess I made  ), cleaned out 2 back flowerbeds and got the push mower out to mow around said flower beds and most of the trees in the yard plus a small back portion of yard behind the house. I ran out of gas before I was through and we didnt have any more. pooh.
Garrett played on the porch for a while, in the house with the siblings for a while and later I pushed him in the swing til he fell asleep and took another nap.
oh, I also cut down 2 small trees that sprung up in the yard since last year and I dont want growing where they were (one right next to the house and the other in the front flower bed, too close to the septic lines).
Hunter followed me around the yard for much of the day. the kids were all good today.

let's see... we did discover that
the new van gets about the same gas mileage as the caravan did! that's huge considering the size difference in the vehicles. I'm going to keep track of it for a while longer to get another estimate and eventually get a highway reading.

can I say how much I LOVE having the new van?? my gosh, I dont know how we did it in the other now! what's fabulous is that if I need to fix a seatbelt on a little one, or go check something out, I just walk back there, dont have to get in/out and crawl around the thing!  FIL keeps picking on me that I need to get my CDL's.  (those are license for large trucks/semis/buses for those who dont know LOL). I like for G's side that if the sun's in his eyes, we just pull the shade down. the shades pulled down also keep it cool during the day! yeah, I'm liking it!!

I won these on ebay today:

with Stacy talking about
robeez and such, I wanted to try a pair. I couldn't afford the real thing, so these are some knock-offs made from Disney store. I got them for $5 including s/h.  that's my price! LOL! I hope G likes them cause he HATES his tenni shoes and his little feet get sweaty! :P hopefully the leather will be good to him. if he does do well with them, I'll keep my eye out for more!