Sunday, April 27, 2008

todays pics

Sarina in her Pretties Bow and a little dress and Hunter showing off his new smile!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

so we are doing so much better today! I've not had to pump since early yesterday morn! she's nursing better as well since my nips no longer feel like they are shooting fire

I gave her a little spongebath today-to which she hated.

she had a long wake span last night at bedtime. she usually wants to powernurse from @ 10-12am, but last night she wouldn't settle down for longer than 30 min all the way til 1... or was it 2? I think the problem was that I changed the sheets before bed. I had flannel sheets on before and switched to cotton. so I finally thought to put a fleece blanket under her and she slept fine.

its lunch time and almost one cranky boys nap time, so gotta go and make people happy!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


we have thrush! I've never, out of all my kiddos had thrush or any worse problems than a clogged duct or two and some cracked/bleeding nips. no mastitis or anything. this stuff is AWFUL!!! I'd not wish it on an enemy of mine. for those that have never had it, the only way I can describe it is it feels like a 2nd degree sunburn, just only on the nips and under the skin, then let someone come and suck on that skin!  its terrible!!!!!
called in the peds office and my OB today and drove to the peds office to get her looked at. so we both have meds now and hopefully (pray to God!) within a few days (or less???) things will be getting better.

she's doing great though! went ahead and had a weigh in and such and today she's up to 7.12 lbs (she was 7.1 1/2 lbs the day of discharge!) and she's now 21" long and head is 14" (see, I know they wrote down the wrong thing the day she was born). she still has a wee bit of jaundice, but it only goes down to about her lower shoulders, so we keep getting outside with her about 15 minutes a day for some sun and as long as her diapers are staying as they are, we'll be good to go in about a week most likely.
we'll still go in for her 2 wk checkup next week as well.

she wore her first dress today too! I think I got a pic... yep, this morning. will post that later with the others (again LOL)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

birth story!

Sarina Faith Angelina 4/15/08
At my dr appt the day before, Dr. P did an internal and a sweep. He told me I was at 3cm and 70% thinned. I asked to go in on Wednesday to have baby girl, but he was going to be out of town by then and the next time that would work for everyone in the family was next week if she'd not come on her own. So Tuesday it was!
That evening I began having regular contrax starting at 7-10minutes apart for a few hours. After going to bed and waking later, they were at 5. I was happy about that, but doggone tired, so finally headed back to bed to get a bit of sleep since we had to be at the hospital by 6a.m. *yawn*.
When its time to get up in the morning, I realize the contrax have basically stopped. Figures. Though they did start back up on the way to the hospital, they were only about 8-12 minutes apart now.
After getting my paperwork, we headed up to L&D where they were waiting on us. I was the only one there to deliver so got all kinds of attention! My first nurse got me settled in and hooked up to see how things were going (that's when I seen the contrax were about 8min apart) and she called Dr. P to let him know I was in.
He arrived about 7 to talk about what was going to happen that day. I'd planned on just getting my water broke, but he told me that if things didn't start up within a couple of hours, he wanted to start me off on a low dose of pit to get things going. (I was pouting about it, but really didn't want to be in labor for HOURS anyway, so okayed it). The heplock was put in (which turned out to be a good thing), Dr. P broke my water at 7:20. No big gush this time at all, just a wee bit of trickle. They were happy with it though cause little girl was still high up and they didn't want to risk a cord prolapse with her.
So we hang out for a couple of hours, listening to the baby, watching any contrax and just trying to catch a couple of zz's since I was tired. At this time, I was a stretchy 3, almost a 4 when they broke my water. Nurse called me at only 50%, though I told her the doc had said 70% the day before.
My nurse had been warned about how fast I *could* go, so my cervix was checked about once an hour from 7:30 til 10:30. At 9:30's check, 2 hrs into having my water broke, I was still the same as before. Almost a 4 and no real change in cervix. *pout* this looked like it was going to drag out on me. The nurse worked on my cervix a bit because Sarina wasn't facing the right way yet and wasn't putting pressure on me like she should. As she fiddled with her, Sarina started to turn a bit for me.
The pit mix was brought in after that, all set up 9:45-10 a.m. Started the drip at a 2 of course and she upped it every 15-20 minutes til it got to 6 and we stopped there.
After about an hour on the pit, the contrax were very regular and getting slightly painful. they wondered about what kind of pain I was having by the way it was showing up on the monitors though (I have a high pain threshold, so wasn't showing a lot of signs). (I should mention my nurse was being followed by a trainee the entire time). Before my first check upon getting there, I had already told my head nurse that I had been thinking I wanted an epidural cause I'd been freaking out about the labor for the longest time. I didn't want to feel the pain and was really ready to get it if it looked like it was going to be a while. (she was talking me out of it though in her own way). So after she told me I'd have to finish a bag of fluids before the epi could be given and that it'd take a good 20-30 minutes to take effect, she convinced me to keep on going.
I should also mention that dh didn't want me to get the epi, mainly cause I'd told him after I had one before with Hunter's birth, that I didn't want to get another one. So he was vocal in me not doing it, while my mom was saying if I wanted one to hurry up and not wait (cause she didn't like to see me hurt).
Let's see, around 9, my little sister got there. She's got a lot of everything on video and is going to send it to me as a movie file. About 9:30 my mom, Sdad and the young boys got there. Canaan and Katlyn had arrived with us that morning of course. About 10 my brother and SIL arrived. I think about 10:30 my dad arrived.
We all hung out and talked and stuff. I tried to rest a bit, but laying on my side hurt a lot, so we set the bed up in a mostly sitting position since that felt better on me and my back. My dad kept the kids entertained a lot and most of the men folk hung out in the lobby area while the ladies stayed in the labor room. My SIL was really excited I remember and I could really tell her anticipation of what was going on, though she felt so bad when I'd have a contraction. My sis was the same (though she's quieter) and my mom I could hear trying to breathe through the contrax with me. LOL!
During each check the nurse would encourage Sarina to turn her head some to a more favorable position. This really seemed to help.
I *think* the pains started getting a bit harder by 11:15 to 11:30. I do remember that the nurse wanted to check me again at about 11:25 (cause she didn't trust me LOL) and found that I was at 5-6cm now and baby was still turning and much easier to feel. I'd been getting small gushes of fluid by now with the contrax as well. So she told everyone they could step back around the curtain and we told them the progress. (wow's all around and yays too cause things were finally moving! LOL). We sit back and yak some more (I'm still in the same semi-sitting position in bed) and with each contraction I have to breathe deeply now. Dh is picking on me that he has a good opportunity to give me a wet willy right now. LMBO! So at 11:35 the nurse comes back for another check cause she sees that I was dealing differently with the contrax now. She does a quick check and sees that I'm 7 now and baby is really close and turned even more and my cervix is almost gone. She has the staff put a call in to the doc either now or before this point, but I found out later he was in with a patient at the office (which is just around the corner).
Back to our yakking and hanging out, but nurse is back within 10 minutes, about 11:45 to do another check because of whats showing on the monitors and so that she's not surprised all of a sudden. She finds that I'm between 8-9cm now! So after the check, she mentions that she thinks baby would be here within 15 minutes or so. We tell the family as they come back around the curtain and everyone is excited! I remember dh being on the side of the bed and my mom close to the end of the bed at this point. A few more contrax come though after that as everyone is talking with me. These have gotten to the point of closing my eyes and deep breathing while I push against the bed with my hands. After these are through, I raise my right hand up to show dh and mom and all I said was "just so you know" cause my hands were shaking bad now. Dh told the nurse, "be ready." She asked "are you serious?" and he and mom told her that I always start getting the shakes before baby comes. So she asks "do you think I should check her again?" (I wasn't getting any push pains by this point, just shaking-which is seen clearly on the video, and really could have cared less if I got checked again.) I didn't feel like pushing yet and baby wasn't in the birth canal either, so I was just breathing through the contrax like I had been and pushing against the bed with my arms as I was sitting. Dh told the nurse to check me, so she asked people to stand behind the curtain (I think it was dh, mom, sis, SIL and dad back there at this time).
I told the nurse before she started to check me that a contraction was starting and she said that was ok. Well, as soon as she touched my cervix everything changed! It was no longer just a contraction, it was a PUSH and baby was coming OUT! She started telling me loudly to "just breathe!" and dh and mom ran back around the curtain to get on the sides of the bed and my sisters got back on the other side of the room. The nurse hollered at the trainee to go get another nurse on call cause she needed her help ASAP. As for me, my head is thrown back on the bed and I'm doing my darndest to breathe/pant like they want, but all that's coming out is pushing urges. Still on the same contraction during this time if that tells you how quick all this was going on.
*back to my perspective* When the nurse had touched my cervix, I suddenly felt head coming down the birth canal and there was no stopping it. The bed never got dropped, the stirrups were never put up and I never got laid down. I was holding onto the rails on the side of the bed with my head thrown back over the pillows behind me. I remember looking at the lights with my teeth gritted, trying to breathe deep or pant so they could do what they needed, but I could only do that a couple times. There was just no stopping it! I remember dh and mom telling me to breathe during this like the nurse was doing and I also remember the feeling of her head popping out of me and immediately her body following. I'm still looking up now and in my mind I'm thinking I could never be one of those ladies that reach down to watch or catch their own baby cause I couldn't manage it! LOL!!
I could hear my mom (and I think dh as well) telling me "she's out! She's out!" and I told them I knew she was out! (mom said I had a huge grin on my face at this point) and dh was telling everyone that "yep, she's a girl!". So I had one contraction that I birthed her in, with two breaths in that time. My mom told me today that no one really caught her she came out so fast, she just shot out on the bed! LOL!!
I could hear my sisters beside me afterwards saying things like "oh my gosh! That was so fast!" and "that was amazing!" "I cant believe it went that fast!". The nurse was busy cleaning up the baby and she had cut the cord directly afterwards, even though my dad had come around the corner to do it.
L it really made me sad cause this was the 3rd time I'd tried letting him cut the cord! *sigh* he said it was ok though.
She got laid up on my chest after cutting the cord and she looked SO small. I was amazed! My first words at seeing her were "Look at her hair!!!" I'd never expected to have a red or strawberry blonde haired baby! LOL! It had crossed my mind that it'd be neat if she came out blonde as all the other kids had all been born with a form of brown hair, but 3 of them had changed hair color to blonde later. Go figure she'd come out totally different! LOL! Her face looked the same though, definitely one of our babies!
After about 15 minutes (I think) they took her across the room to the clean up area. She had come out screaming and hadn't stopped yet! So her apgars were 9/9. They said she came out pink! The trainee nurse came back out and told me they'd weighed her at 7.11 1/2lbs at that point and would get the other stats from the nursery. (The nursery ended up weighing her at 7.10 1/2lbs so daddy calls her 7.11).
Some other things I noticed while still laying there: the nurse laid the cord up on my belly because we were still waiting on the dr to arrive. The cord was small to me, probably only as thick as my pinky finger. The doc looked kinda disappointed when he arrived LOL! I joked with him that he'd told me that I didn't need to take all day if I was getting my water broke, so I had just followed orders. *giggle*. He did deliver the placenta and checked me out. All was cleared, so no rips, tears or stitches, just sore!
We got to hang out in L&D for about an hour and a half I think. (I remembered to send a text to Naomi during this time). Sarina was squalling so loud! LOL! She was chewing her hands through the blanket and everything, so I finally got to feed her. Oh, she was so happy after that! LOL! Took right to nursing at that time (or maybe it was just the sucking LOL).
The nurse kept telling me how wonderful I did and that she was so proud of me and that she 'knew I could do it like I wanted' (as my birth plan had called for no epi or other meds unless needed). Made me feel really good!
I had to keep the heplock in my hand for a full 24+ hrs because they said I bled more than they'd have liked and in case I needed fluids, they wanted to keep it in. I ended up having to take 4 doses of a drug to help with uterine contractions (methicane? Methadone? Something like that). But all was fine with my bleeding after the initial checking and my uterus was going back down within a few hours like it should.
Oh, forgot to post all her official stats again:
Sarina Faith Angelina
7.10 1/2lbs, 20.5" long and a head circumference of 14" (though when remeasured at discharge was only 13.75" so I think someone wrote down the wrong thing), chest was 13.5". she has long fingers and toes/feet, little bird legs and bright blue eyes with strawberry blonde hair that everyone comments on! I'm thinking she *may* have a small birthmark on her right wrist, I'll see how that develops (all the other kids have birthmarks of some kind). Upon discharge she was down to 7lbs 1 ½ oz.

Truly a little princess!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


 her first pic w/ her unicorn. I'll take one each month to show growth progress!

I thought this was so cute! sarina and Garrett yesterday





 getting her coming home outfit on

new pics

 the roses dh bought me. they match our little Peach!

last day at the hospital
awful pic of me, but she's adorable!

Friday, April 18, 2008

all home

 last night was well, like a typical first night home. she ended up sleeping in bed with us cause I was more about getting sleep than getting up and down. she went for 2-3 hr stretches between feedings (I'm pretty sure LOL). I did get to stay in bed longer. daddy finally got up with the others around 7:30 and my little Peach and I stayed in bed til 10.  I needed it though.
feeling ok today. my pelvis is sore, not the cootchie, just my pelvis. could be from sleeping in the hospital bed or whatever, but I'm still slow while moving.
my milk is in! looking more like dolly parton today. she's eating much better too! I also think having the right paci helped her. dh brought a different type (bulb type) for me yesterday and it helped bring her tongue forward. she's doing great today and things are tender of course, but she's getting milk -cause she's spit up a wee bit. (not that I'm happy she spit up a bit, just that she's getting milk) she's also farting quite a bit, so I'm expecting some good BF poop to be coming out soon!
do have more pics, but my camera is charging up and its out of reach currently. LOL

we're so fascinated with her. K wants to hold her all the time, the boys constantly want to hold her and kiss on her, even G wants to pet her head and share his paci. last night was so cute, she got upset waiting for me to get the boob out to feed her and G came across the room upset and almost crying cause she was crying and when he got to her he handed her his paci! so sweet!!!

he has been testing his boundaries though, so last night was a bit rough, but we made it through.

gonna go check in with the p/g to see if any more babies are here. I'll try to get more pics up later today, but cant promise.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

she's here!!

I'm happy to announce that Ms. Sarina Faith Angelina was delivered on 4/15/08 at 11:55 am.
She was 7.10 lbs and 20.5" long, apgars of 9/9 since she came out screaming. LOL!
the birth we thought as going to take a little while, turned out to be very fast! I'll get it written up and posted before too long. in a nutshell, at 11:30 I was 5-6cm and she was born without the dr there (delivered by the nurse) at 11:55! :) yep, fast it was!
she's just so beautiful and all the family is in love with her, and get this, she has RED hair!!!! strawberry blonde to be certain, with bright blue eyes. but her face still looks like the other kids. so so sweet! I'll send a couple of pics to share!
Gina and Robert

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

labor update!

an update while I'm awake (yes, awake dang it *yawn*) got to bed about 10:30 to sleep sometime between then and a bit after 11. got woke up about 10 til 1 with a good contrax and had to go pee. after that I notice that they've moved up to about 5 minutes apart now (were 7-10 apart starting about 5pm) with a really good one about every 20 minutes or so.
also notice that baby girl is VERY active. she must really be bugged by these things. LOL!
I try to go back to sleep, but about 1:15 get up cause I thought I had to go poo (turns out it was just gas *blush*), but after going back to bed, I cant get comfy and also my sleep shirt is damp cause I've been sweating like crazy the whole time I was sleeping! :P
finally around 1:35 (after another good contrax) I get up to go walk around the living room. might as well do something, right?
baby girl still beating my innards up and contrax still 5 minutes even with the position change. around 1:45 need to go pee again and I'm losing some more plug now (first time since last night). so another good sign!
walk walk walk, pet kitties, walk walk-try not to fall over when a blink takes too long LMBO!
all contrax are tolerable, though every few I have to remind myself to relax my body down and let them ease up.
its 2:16 now. dh is getting us up at 4:30 to head to Gallatin. the 3 youngest boys are at my moms and they'll get there about 8 since there's no reason for them to be there at an earlier time (Unless we have to go before then on our own). *Dr wants us there by 6am unless we get there earlier*
I think I'll go try to lay back down after my next pee break. LOL!

and I've come to the conclusion that I'm just a very slow laborer without my water being broke.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

feeling pretty normal (my answer for anyone who asks how I feel). was up a gazillion times to pee last night or just to roll over it seems. if I take a swig of water (which I have to do every time I get up cause I'm so parched) it turns into a liter of water between my mouth and my bladder and I'm up within 1.5-2 hrs to pee it out. makes for a long night (without having a baby to take care of). did have a couple of times of cramps that woke me up instead, but I just shushed them away cause I knew they were 'nothing'.

dh is still sleeping, I of course got up with G when he started hollering "MOMMA!"at 7:45. yes, sleeping late, but it makes me wonder if I'll still be the one to be getting up each morning after baby gets here. I mean I know I got less sleep, why do I have to get up? *grumble*

the other kids have already disappeared into K's room to play on the gamecube. we wont see C again till tomorrow at church (he's going to stay with my mom tonight after they get in cause she lives closer to the church).

not sure what's up for today. I feel like my house is a wreck. toys/stuff everywhere and it bugs the crap out of me!

Friday, April 11, 2008

ho hum...

so absolutely nothing exciting today. the only big thing is that dh stayed home from work. he was supposed to work tomorrow, but they called the job off cause of high winds. it works out well though for today at least cause he's gone to pick up C from school and we wont have to rush him to the church to head out for Nashville. he also went with us to town today, so it went much easier!

other than that its just everyone who sees me asks "you're still here?" "you've not had that baby yet?" etc etc. yes, I'm still big, yes, I WISH I could just go in labor cause I'm ready mentally and would LOVE to, but no, I'm still round. *blah*

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

39 weeks belly pics!

am having some cramping, plenty of BH, but that's about it. pretty boring of course.
I did get some belly pics though to share. got funny with them since they're likely my last load of belly pics (yes, I'm sure I'll be taking a 40 wk shot, but still LOL). so bear with me while they load up, I was having fun. hehe!
first, 39 weeks
then some fun pics:

Monday, April 07, 2008

38.5 weeks and counting down

 so I slept like crap last night. :P up every two hours (I'm really hoping this isn't indicative of Sarina's eating pattern LOL) and also I kept getting lower back aches, no matter which side I'd sleep on. I finally got up about 2:30 or so and came into the living room to sit on my ball against the back of the couch for a while. hoping the change of position and all would help. it kinda did, though I still kept having pains 6-10 minutes apart. finally moved to the couch to see if that would help more and things stayed the same, but I got tired by 3:50 and went back to bed. (more back pains *sigh*). still up every 2hrs after that, but I got a bit of sleep in there.
having weird dreams all night too. part of them about labor/delivery, part about goofy weird stuff.

dh woke me up this morning singing "we're going to have a baby today!" *rub belly* "we're going to have a baby today!" *rub belly* "does baby want to come out and play?" *rub belly* then he's quiet for a minute and says "hmmm... baby's sleeping right now"
he asked last night if I wanted him to stay home JIC, but I said no. don't want to waste a vacation day for the uncertain. KWIM? I told him I'd call by lunchtime to let him know what was going on. I'd not mind going in tomorrow. that'd give me time to get the rest of my stuff together and call the people who want to be there.

but I'm NERVOUS AS HECK!!!! my gosh!! I'm having these freak out moments about labor and pain now. not like I've not been through this before dang it! LOL! I just know how bad it hurts, even if its only for 30 minutes like last time and my brain is going 'no no no no no!'
I also wonder if she'll be a speedy birth or a slow and easy. if she's a speedy one, it'll hurt more, but she'll be here in under 2 hours. if she's a slow one like Garrett was, it could be 6 hours, but only hurt for a little bit.
gosh, the way the brain works us over at times like this!

C is back at school today. I feel kinda bad he didn't have a more exciting spring break. :P maybe we can make this week exciting!
OMGosh, my ticker is in single digits!! I knew it was coming, but still wasn't expecting it! LMBO!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

 still here. one of the other drs are on call this weekend (the female dr I've only seen maybe 4 times over the last 3 pgs, so she has no idea of my history.) anyway, she isn't worried about it and said the usual, "if the contrax get 8 minutes apart, come on in." well boy howdy, that doesn't help cause last night they were 2-7 minutes for hours!
so whateva. I'll hang out the weekend unless things are obviously gotta go now, and just see Dr. P on Monday like I'm scheduled and go from there. he's going to do a sweep then anyway. Dr. Dillar (the dr on call) is on call all weekend so I'd rather she not deliver me anyway. LOL!

I did lay down for a short nap after talking to her. dh called to see how I was. and after getting up I went ahead and installed the carseat base in the truck.  exciting day. woo.
up at midnight.

so the rest of the night was interesting. went for dinner, could barely eat (ordered a kids pasta and didn't even eat half of it). was having low back pains/cramps and contrax all within 2-7 minutes apart. not 'dang that hurts!' hard, but bad enough to know they were certainly there.
I finally asked dh about the time towards the end of the meal and he got *wha?!* on me. LOL! plus I was still just not feeling 'right'. on the way home he turned around to get more gas in the truck JIC.
called mom to let her know as well.
got home and settled in the couch, didn't feel like being OL or knitting or anything, just sitting. finally things settled down for me, but I got doggone tired again. then she started with the cervical pressure once more. OUCH! I swear she's dropped 2ft in there.
before bed a few contrax/cramps started back up, but nothing exciting. I mentioned to dh about possibly going in early to see the doc for a check so I know what exactly is going on in there since the weekend is here. I hate having the only choice of going to the ER if I'm thinking things are progressing. I want to know if all this is doing something and to be on my toes or if its nothing and to just veg for the weekend. :P

sent everyone to bed at 10 cause I was so tired myself, took a bit to get to sleep, then woke up about 10 minutes ago cause I was feeling nauseous and had to pee. LOL what a combo!
nausea has gone away. I think its just cause I had a bowl of cereal to close to bedtime. *sigh*
so I'm up sitting, hoping it'll help digest or something so I can go back to sleep!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


 so I'm feeling rather... well, I don't know, kinda 'eh' today. I even took my temp to make sure I wasn't getting sick and its only 98.1.
around lunch I started vacuuming and couldn't finish, had to ask K to do that. I had a flash of nausea while sitting down. nothing big, just a 'huh, why do I feel like ick right now?' type thing and it did it again a few hours later. I had to lay down after putting G down for a nap cause I was SO tired all of a sudden.
the TMI has continued, though not as bad as this morning
lower back aches, a few cramps and contrax, but nothing to really write home about.
the only thing that worries me is that last time I didn't start hurting til I hit 7cm. what if that happens again. I'm sure I'm not dilating like that, but of course the thought is in my mind and freaks me out.
I ate breakfast this morning while we were in town (BEC biscuit) but not since. dh wants to go to captain ds for dinner, so I guess we'll do that, the thought of food though isn't really appealing right now though.

I'm sure I'm doing all this 'whining' for nothing but might as well write it all down JIC.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

wha? 14 days?

gosh, 38 weeks tomorrow!  It doesn't seem like it should be that time yet, but then again it does. weird! as much as I'm ready for her to be here, a big part of me isn't realizing that it'll be this soon! crazy aren't I? LOL!
gotta remember to take new belly pics tomorrow and I'd like to take some more nice belly pics.
been feeling crampy on both sides the past couple days (usually my right side is the worst) and getting some lower back pain (not associated with the sciatica) and my BH are hurtin'. getting about that time I'd say. (and no, not talking like tomorrow or anything LOL)