Thursday, August 31, 2006

good days

I should be carting my butt to bed, which I'll do in just a smidge. had a good day. kids got all their work finished before we went to the store (with a lot of grumbling of course LOL! ), Garrett was in a better mood today, I got a bit of laundry done, groceries bought as well. dinner was easy (chili dogs), and the weather is gorgeous!! *WOO!*
tonight, dh fixed up a place for me to put the jumperoo up for G2 outside on the porch! he loves being outside so he put up some wooden pieces that'll hold the jumper on the porch beams. I'll take him out tomorrow morning to see how he likes it! (couldn't do it tonight cause of the darned mosquitoes!) he absolutely loves 'standing up' and sitting up so I think he'll be crazy over this! :D this weekend we'll get the walker from my friend, so I'll let him be in that inside. might save me from holding him all the time.

we'll be leaving out Saturday morning for my dad's. we may stay til Monday. I should be able to check in while I'm there, but if you don't see me, that's where I'll be. :D

I had a free rental coupon from blockbuster so rented Twins (remember that one? Arnold Swarzenagger and Danny Divito). C hadn't seen it and we all ended up watching it tonight. they really liked it (and Canaan was very funny in telling me that "they sure don't look like twins!" LOL! ) but afterwards he was doing an Arnold impersonation and called him "Arnold Swarfmerger" :

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

leaving marks already

school went well today. I'm glad to say we're right on track right now and C and K have finished thier first book tests today. a couple more will be done next week, so I'm feeling good! :woo: (Gavin is in different books).

I finally got my hair colored tonight. LOL! was looking pretty rough as the last time I colored it was right before Garrett was born! :eek: yeah, can we say inverted skunk look? :lol: I gotta look spiffy for the reunion this weekend though. :D and Lordy, while speaking of my hair, it's falling out by the mountains! especially when I wash it. tonight I got a whole huge handfull of hair out of the shower! that's not even what I brushed out afterwards. good thing I've gone through this before or I'd be worried! :lol:

Garrett was a grouch again today. I'm not sure what the deal is. I'm wondering if he's a diaper snob. ?? he's always fussy when I use cloth diapers (though yesterday wasnt so bad). I know, silly thing to wonder, but it does seem to coincide. tomorrow will be disposie day since we'll be grocery shopping, so we'll see how he does. course he'll be in different surroundings too. ah well.

made an awesome country dinner tonight! breaded porkchops, mashed taters, gravy, green beans w/ bacon and big ol biscuits! YUM!! Robert was all over it and thanked me for making such great tasting chops! :D Love those dinners! I'm in the hankering for fried chicken too, so may pick me up some chicken tomorrow. or may get a whole fryer and just bake that sucker! YUM!!

hilarious Garrett story! ya'll know how he LOVES daddy's shoulder, well, last night he was there and while hanging out, gave daddy 3 HICKIES!!!! 0 0 it's SO funny looking cause its right above his collar bone and they're DARK marks!!!0 told dh that Garrett had better suction than I did!! 0 I even wrote it in Garrett's journal so we can embarrass him about it when he's older. hehehe!!!!

oh, my ebay auctions went great! I made $50 today! WOO!! I've gotta buy some ink for my printer, but all the rest is going to our first 'Ramsey bill snowball'! Cant tell you how glad I am to be working towards not scraping by each week! we've also agreed that if either of us want to buy anything over $20 we have to agree with each other. (course doesnt count for things like gas and food, duh. LOL) so that'll help keep us in track too. buckling down, pay stuff off! I'm enjoying my Total Money Makeover book too. havent gotten as far as I'd like since a lot of my time is well, BUSY, LOL, but I'm enjoying it and it's giving me a pep talk already. good stuff!

I guess that's it. I think there was more I was going to blab about, but forgot. :-)

Monday, August 28, 2006


not the greatest of days, but we made it thru.
I wonder if G2 is growing some more as during the day the past couple days he's been so cranky, eating like a horse and sleeping so much. it wears me out to say the least, cause I can hardly put him down without getting a crankopotomous on my hands.
I was quite frustrated today with it all. did get better after daddy got home (Garrett loves being with daddy!) and I was able to get dinner made and do some other stuff.
I did end up dumping a plate of spaghetti down the front of my shirt though. I took some shout to it and scrubbed it up and put it in the washer, so hopefully when I get it out tomorrow it'll not be stained. I'm talking it was over the whole front too. ugh.

I finally got in my Dave Ramsey book today! I'll get started on it as soon as I put the kiddo down for the night. I've got it figured out that we should have our first bill paid off by Oct. 13th.

I'm getting more stuff ready to list on eBay. some cloth diapers, old video games and baby clothes. might as well move it out and make some money (hopefully).

got new pics of g2 to post. he's been enjoying his tummy time even more w/ being able to keep his head a 90 degree angle and look around. a funny thing, the other night he was on the floor and I put his paci to his side where he was looking. well he was wiggling and squirming trying to get over to it. LOL! he kept looking at it, then would get busy moving, then look at it to see if he'd made any progress. he'll be on the move before I know it!

pulled out the cloth diapers today. I've had them out, but had only used them one day and he was such a crankybutt that I quit. LOL trying again now, but had to thin them out since he's outgrown most of what I had stored on the change table. some of the smaller stuff I'm just selling off to make room (and money ). this will slow the flow of buying diapers at least.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I love Saturdays

found some more great deals today. among them are a hand grater and rolling slicer (kitchen items), a jumpstart 5th grade for PC, big picnic basket, a babyfood lazy susan, books, pencils and ruler for the kids, a big Coca-Cola tin tub for my step dad, a 'grill seargent' tee for dh , and one shirt for G2. spent $5 today.

found one sale w/ a bunch of cool items (and great maternity stuff) but she thought she was a Target instead of a yard sale. for instance, seen a half box (@20) avent nursing pads for $5. duh!! I can buy a box of 100 from TRU for $10.

got to stop and see my brother and nephew again. Landons getting so cute! he's long and lean. I think he's a smidge longer than G2, but G2 is chunkier. and the coolest thing is landon can already roll back to tummy! (remember he's 2 weeks older than G2). course he gets royally ticked once he's on his belly!
G2 on the opposite side, will push himself from one end of a blanket to the other, but get quickly bored and mad on his back! silly boys.

got a call from a friend back home and when we go to roberts class reunion on labor day weekend, we'll stop in to see them and she's going to give me the walker she had for her son (just turned a year). she said its really nice too, plus I'll get to go through some baby clothes! cool! so now no worries about looking for an exersaucer!

dh and Canaan are still at the tractor pull. I dont expect them home til around midnight. dont guess C will be going to church with us in the morning, guess I'll let him off the hook this time. I'll hear allllllllllllllllllllll about the pull tomorrow.

Friday, August 25, 2006


good yard sale vibes! I was able to find G2 5 new 6-9m sleepers today! most are gerber, but a couple carters. the carters run longer, so he'll get to wear them much longer. the 6-9m gerbers should at least last til the end of september at his current rate.
also found one 2pc shorts set for him 6m size, some cuuuuuuute velcro on crib shoes, a bunch more bibs and burp towels (considering how many we go thru). got me a new fall shirt, a big box of curity nursing pads, big bags of toddler/baby spoons, cookie cutter and a lot of other kitchen gadgets, blues clues shirt for the boys (a 'steve' shirt), a new winter coat for K and a nice dress shirt for her. a beautiful spiderman button down I'm saving for C's bday next month...and I think thats it. I spent about $10 in all.

could have gotten an awesome exersaucer for $8, but just dont have the room or the want for one yet. I wish I could find a used bumbo! sure that wont happen in this area tho.

dh is working in the pits at our local tractor pull tomorrow, so I may go in town again to see the saturday sales. nuttin else to do otherwise. :P

I made mexican for dinner, and my gosh am I stuffed!!! plenty of leftovers for tomorrow too! cool!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

konked out

Garrett slept ALL night last night! guess he's so dog tired from the day. he went down at 11 finally (he'd taken about an hour nap at 8) and slept til 6:40 this morning. he sure was hungry! latch on made me go !! LOL!!
he's sitting in my lap now to figure out how to get the keyboard. LOL

on another note, my cousin (whose like a sis) finally, after about 3 yrars, got their house on contract! they're looking to find a house now (means they'll be @ 30 minutes away, compared to 2 hrs). I'm SO happy!!! we'll be making visiting trips!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

plumping up

wow, just weighed Garrett and he's now 15 lbs. I knew pooh bear had put on another honey pot.
he's been very fussy yesterday and today, had to fight to get a nap out of him today. makes for a very 'hard' day since not much else gets done. :P
he's wearing his hands out. tries to stuff his whole hand (usually his left hand) in his mouth and just goes to town on it. wish he'd learn to suck on it at night so he wouldnt wake.

also, new pics up!

Monday, August 21, 2006


I finally got my 6 week checkup done today. sure its a couple weeks or so late, but it's finally finished. Seemed everything was against me getting it completed for whatever reason. This was the 3rd time I'd had the appointment. I almost didnt get it done today too cause as I was almost there, I came upon an accident. Sat in a line of traffic that was a mile long. (seriously). and there wasnt any turn around and go around it without going around a whole 45 minutes or so to get to where I was going. so I waited it out. I was only about 20 or so minutes late for my appointment.
Garrett was the only one with me and he did well for me. He laughed at the Dr (to which Dr. P was impressed LOL) and cooed for the nurse. :) He didnt fuss over much either, nursing enough to keep him happy while he checked out the unfamiliar surroundings. ;)
After getting back to town, we were able to meet up with Daddy for Taco Bell dinner. Been forever since just he and I (well, you know, cant say Garrett took up much space) had a dinner out by ourselves! it was nice to sit and talk wtih each other. :)
After eating, he went to pick up the big kids at my parents house and I went home to feed the little one. and feed, and feed, and feed.
I think Garrett will be an eater like Canaan. He seems to just plain eat all the time! The fact that he gained 4 lbs last month should point that out. nickname of Pooh Bear and Piglet fit just fine with him! LOL!

his sleep patterns are improving well! He's up about once a night, usually around 4:30 am. he'll go back to bed w/in the hour and will sleep til around 6-9 a.m., just depends.
he wont generally nap overlong during the day. sometimes I can get a good hour or two nap out of him...sometimes. that's a rare thing really. usually he just cat naps through the day.

He's working on doing raspberries. :) he's almost got it figured out, making tons of bubbles in the process. he thinks raspberries are the coolest and funniest thing, I can always get smiles or laughs when I do that to him. ;)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

what he does

Let's see, Garrett news: he's trying to learn to raspberry on demand. LOL! he's done it a couple of times while we're playing with him (mimmicking us), but he's not figured out the logistics of doing it when he actually wants to. course its cute as can be cause it comes out as a bunch of coos with a tongue half out. LOL!!
and I think he's having a growth spurt again. I swear this child would stay attached to a boob or bottle half the day if I let him. wears me out! and I just know he's gained weight since the dr check last week. I'd put money on it in fact. I'm wondering if his stature will be more like Canaan's. if so, Lord help me cause I'll need an investment in a grocery store! LOL!


took the kids to McDs. C stayed at my brothers to hang out, so just the youngest 4 with me. well, they happeend to have Ronald McD there so the two boys got a kick out of it. course they're smarter than the average bear and after greeting him nicely, we sat to eat and they started asking thing like "is that the real ronald?" "is that a wig?" "did he get paid to be here?" ( : ) and my fav observance "he IS wearing big red shoes..." LOL! so after eating we got some tiny free ice creams (just enough to make you mad LOL), said our goodbyes to Mr McD and headed out for more yard sales... but didnt find any more. oh well.

I did see my parents in town though. they traded in my moms chevy cavalier convertable on a chevy astro van! thi sis great news cause they hadnt had anything to tote all the grandkids in since they traded off the old van they had. the kids were super happy with it since they can all go riding with mamaw and papaw again.

after that came back home to clean and organize more. I think I'm having a nesting urge without being pg. LOL!! for the past week or so I've been in a CLEAN IT OR GET IT OUT OF THE HOUSE mode! I've reordered my kitchen counter so it wasnt so cluttered, cleaned the top of the fridge (dh's territory), cleaned the bathroom counter clutter, cleaned the top of the pantry clutter and by george I'm eye-balling my desk next! there's a lot of other stuff I want to clear out.. OH, got the school book shelves and my teacher area too! I'd love to just turn the house upside down and just shake out all the unneeded stuff!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


had a good checkup today (besides the shots which totally broke my heart ). Garrett did so well, laughing at the nurses and not peeing on anyone (which he peed on me again after we got home : twice in one day, we have a record!)

Garrett is 13.4 lbs, 24 1/2" long and his head is 16". my growing boy!

the dr said he went from the 50% at his 2 week check to the 80%/85% now. so he'll be a strapping boy just like my others (well, Canaan always topped off the charts, so I guess he was a boot-strapping boy LOL )

we did decide not to do any meds for his reflux right now. since he's gaining so well the dr isnt worried about it. but if he starts refusing to eat because of it then we'll take bigger measures. which is fine with me, cause we dont do medicines much here anyway.

did ask her about Katlyn and she thinks like I do that in about 3 or 4 more days it'll all be over. no fever, just the stuffiness is hanging around. made me feel better.

and for a big ol' GOD WAS WATCHING OVER US moment, I always say a prayer before we get on the interstate. did the same today of course. well, about half way down, there are two semis in front of us. the one on the inside lane (next to the median) starts billowing smoke from the tires! the truck next to him start slowing down drastically and so do we. then we see what he was trying to stop for: a fully loaded semi was careening through the median the WRONG way! thank God the truck that ran off the road was able to control his truck and was able to stay upright and bring himself to a stop (way after we got past though).
can you imagine the damage of 3 semis in front of us colliding? we were behind the one on the outside lane a couple of car lengths. scarey!!!!!
Cant tell me God doesnt watch over. my mom said after that, that she felt the need to pray for protection today too. awesome huh?

2m check today and other stuff

today is Garrett's 2m check up! I'm not looking forward to the shots, but eager to see how much he weighs! I know how long he is and how big his head is (can measure those myself) but since I don't have a baby scale and weighing him on ours is only a round about thing (it says he's 13 lbs) we'll know for sure today.

he peed all over our bed this morning. course its my fault cause I should have changed him at some point during the night, but dang if he doesn't HATE to have that done during the nighttime. hearing him scream and holler at 4 am is not my cup of tea.

katlyn is still not up to snuff. no fever now, but lots of headaches and stuffy noses and chapped lips. since she'll be with us today, I'm going to ask the dr if they'll take a peek at her (w/o charging ) just to make sure it's nothing I should worry about or get stronger meds for.

today is the last day the 'good' consignment store will be open. *boo!* I'm hoping to stop in and see if I can find anything else or to pick up some good hangers. she let me have a bunch of plastic baby hangers the last time I was in.

oh, I've already gotten G2's 2m pics taken here at home. got his footprints and even a handprint in his baby book for this month too. his foot has really grown during this last month! He can already wear a size 2 shoe cause I've got a pair of cute Dockers for him in size 2 and they'd fit fine, they just look so clunky on his legs. plus no reason for him to wear them, unless to go with a cute outfit to church or something. oh well.

OH, speaking of THAT! I was out with the baby last week... where was I?...maybe Wal-Mart... not sure. but anyway, he was in his carseat, so I was toting it around (must not have been Wal-Mart-anyway) I was behind this couple who were probably in their 40's and the wife turned and cautioned the hubby to watch out cause there was a baby behind him (he was bending over checking something out). so he turns around and awes "oh, a baby!" then says "with no shoes" (in a *tsk tsk* sort of voice) and they move on.

ok, for one BIG MAJOR thing, the child was only 7 weeks old and SURE aint walking/crawling and such. WHY use shoes???
PLUS its a freaking 100 degrees outside!! geez. stupid people get on my nerves.
that just struck me and I wanted to share it last week with ya'll, but forgot.