Thursday, March 29, 2007

florida trip

the kids went to FL back in Jan. with my parents. I forgot to ever post pics! :) they were in the Daytona and St.
They said the birds were crazy. They fed them out of their hands.
the St. Augustine Lighthouse
Being silly. :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


these are SO cute!
along with these!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

yadda yadda

 everyone's in bed now. I must say that G has gotten on a pretty good schedule. he no longer takes his late day nap (the one he used to take around 7-8pm) so that means he's ready for bed at 10. its been great putting him to bed when the older kids go to bed too.  he's sleeping well at night also (I just knocked on my desk hoping that continues LOL) if he does wake at night, all I have to do is bink him and lay him down. he's back asleep when he hits the pillow.

best news of today is that dh got home tonight! he didn't think he'd make it til tomorrow, but he got in early! plus there's no ball practice til Sunday afternoon (amazingly) cause the town is having Easter at the Park on Saturday (one of our usual practice days) and don't know what happened to Thursdays time. oh well.
they did win their scrimmage today (4-3). we went out to Wal-Mart while we waited, was looking for a box, but remembered one I had at home I can use. I did find G a pack of the Nuby sippys with the soft straws though. he likes the Nuby, but I'd like him to use the straw cups too. I think he'll like this kind well. time to start weaning him off the bottles (ya know, whenever he takes one LOL ).
I also looked for the XL onesies while at there, but they didn't have any. not to mention they only go up to 28 lbs I think the package said. which is fine really as far as poundage goes, should last til he's around 15 months perhaps, but the length is what gets us. he's already at the length for the 18m sizes. I guess I can look into the onesie extenders.  does anyone know if One Step Ahead is the only place that sells those? I've never bought them, so have only seen them there.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

the big news

we're trading vehicles!
this is all part of our process of getting out of debt.
we got an even trade on the van for dh trading his truck in (both are the same year) and we'll be selling my current minivan. the outstanding balance will be on the 'new' van. we'll only have one car payment and one insurance payment.
the BEST thing is that we'll have ROOM in the van! oh my gosh! nothing like trying to pack a can of sardines every time we load up. :P now the kids have LOTS of leg room/play room even and dont gripe about getting in the van! heaven!!
it feels HUGE to drive it though so I'll have a lot of getting used to. :)
I told dh I wanted to paint flowers across the sides and name it the Mystery Machine. ^_^
I'm excited! and feel very very blessed actually. :)

pics- our new ride!

please ignore the Christmas lights still dangling there. LOL!!

checking out the goods

comparing the size of the new van to the old one (minivan)

dad checking out the guts of it

kids eagerly exploring

being the bell boy for the group. LOL

random pics from this weekend

G and Mommy

G and Mamaw

vegging in daddy's big recliner

he jumps so hard that he pulls the jumperoo down pretty far. LOL

pics- a simple day in the sprinkler

turns into a wild day in the mud! LOL!


fishy face!

playing with biggest brother is always fun!

Friday, March 23, 2007


I think I've found a motivation for C to make better grades. MONEY!  I set it up so that with every quiz an A= .50, B= .25 and for every test A= $1, B= .50. Canaan has made $2 this week just for that (chores count separate) so he's excited to be making money again.
I'm doing the same with K, but she's not big on money (saves it and hoards it) so she's not made any from school work this week.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

woo, a deal!

 forgot to post my great buy today! I've been looking for a Sony Micro memory card for my phone I got back last year (its got the MP3 player on it, but need the mem card to put more than 5 songs on it), but the thing is they're dang expensive! $40 for a 512mb and about $60 for 1 gig. mama cant do that! so I've been watching ebay, hoping for a bargain.
well, all I'd found were ones running about $40-$50 (including s/h) total, but TODAY I found my deal!!
I got my
1 gig mem card for $16.98 including s/h!!!


kinda goofing off today. we picnicked outside for lunch. its beautiful out there! I hung out most of the laundry (tossed all the socks and little stuff in the dryer cause I hate messing with those). really need to get out and do more.
messing with my itunes program, wishing it would import from all my other music programs. :P
Garrett is GROUCHY today. don't know what bee is in his bonnet, but boy-howdy, is he one giant pill bug today. he's asleep on Canaan now, I can hear him snoring.
dh is supposed to be home today!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

finally time to veg

K still has her tooth in her head, it'll probably hang there til it falls out on its own, or daddy comes home! he wont let her get away with it just dangling there.
and Jen, I used to pull my own teeth too. Canaan's been doing it for about a year now as well.

my gosh, it was a long day! we didnt get home til 8:30 tonight. :P
the appt went well for G-man, he's growing right up, getting very tall! his iron level was great and no shots this time. also got her to look at his newly discovered birthmark and its all fine and dandy too. (which led to everyone getting their birthmarks looked at )
Garrett is 21.12 lbs and 31 1/2" tall with an 18 1/2" head. tall and slim. same way Katlyn was, he's just a smidge bigger than her at this age. (definitely not my biggest kid at this age though)

then stopped at a goodwill type shop, didnt find anything (was hoping to find a good toy for Garrett), so back up the interstate to home. we had about an hour and a half to kill before ball practice, so we deposited a check, picked up some games at the movie store (now that's a BIG treat for the kids cause I dont usually do that), stopped at the cosignment store (found a denim skirt for $1 and some new bottle nipples to replace the ones that Canaan mutilated in the dishwasher), then to the park.
once C's coaches showed up, we went to the library and got some books. we peeked in to the auditorium where they were rehearsing Cinderella.

while at the library, G turned on the charm to a lady who was there with her girls. he was playing on an ABC rug in the kids area and she was there getting books and was just making all over him. he'd crawl up to her and play then crawl away, laughing the whole time. she even gave him a hug before leaving.

back to the park after that (didnt take nearly long enough!) and we played around for a bit. it was raining off and on, so not much fun, plus the wind would kick up and make it kinda chilly. they were having a scrimage, so it ran an hour later than usual. :P

finally about 7:15 we got to pizza hut and got to eat again! we used the kids bookit coupons too. home about 8:30.

scrap pages up

couple of new scrappages up in the creative blog! both are digital. :)

playing at McDs pics

little dirt diggin pics

biter biscuit pics

trying a biter biscuit for the first time. I think it was a hit. a mess too!

hmmm, not bad mom.

wha? it fits.

I'll share with ya!

ok, I'm done, get me outta here!

walker pic

got G this new walk behind walker. he looks so cute puttering around with it, but I cant help but picture an elderly person while he's doing this. LOL! he does get so excited as he moves in on his targets, gets to laughing so hard he almost falls down!

pics from papas

papa was feeding Garrett his squash. he did the same thing with Canaan about 11 years ago. :) I must admit, they both came out a lot cleaner this time. LOL!

chilling out in papa's living room. you can tell we've overrun the place!

Garrett's Dedication day 3-11-07

Garrett was dedicated at church on 3-11. :) he did great (except for peeing through his diaper while we were up there. LOL!)

afterwards, we were waiting on Canaan to finish giving another boy drum lessons.