Monday, March 08, 2010

 good weekend, but dang if it didnt go so fast. *sigh*
dh came in on friday night. saturday morning he and C had baseball stuff. that took til about 3.
as soon as they got in me and the girls had to rush off to the city for the movie. we got there just in time, about 40 seconds of the last preview played before the movie started when we sat down  we seen Alice in Wonderland. it was good, I was skeptical about it, but I did like it. (not love, just like ) I guess it grows on you. the base story was the classic good vs. evil, just very colorfully done. I do think they should have put a PG-13 on the rating though. some of the images were not what I'd want my little ones to see. 
got home about 8:30.
we stayed home from church yesterday since we'd not had any family time yet. we had to take old furniture to goodwill, couldnt pick up the table, and dropped off the compaq at best buy AGAIN. (if I close the puter it goes into standby mode and wont wake up with out taking out the battery. plus the Windows key is different and it wont verify it and wont let you change it!) so its off to the hospital again. thankfully the toshiba is behaving perfectly for me.

lily went to the groomer on saturday, they cut her hair waaaay too short.  I wanted to leave her long til it was warmer, but she has a summer cut now. poor thing has been shivering all the time. she looks half her size though I didnt realize she was still so small! her hair is pretty darn thick now! which is awesome cause when we got her it was all scraggly and thin, I think due to the care her previous owners gave her. so she's quite healthy now! 

garretts burn place is looking very good!! no open wounds anymore, the skin is growing over it now and its getting much smaller I'm so glad! I'm hoping by the end of the week he wont need a bandage on it. 

I'm down some more weight!! I'm down to 170 and I've dropped another inch this past week! I'm starting to feel a difference in my jeans more often which I love! havent been to the gym since thursday so I'm looking forward to going tonight!

canaan has a scrimmage tonight with the HS team, so he'll be late getting home.