Thursday, May 24, 2007

dh has a 4 day weekend! not sure what I'll do with him! :-D tomorrow we'll both be busy though. he's going to Lowe's to get stuff to fix up the baseball field dugouts for the little league (if anyone remembers, he fixed up the minor league dugouts last year). C will go with him for that.
tomorrow at 3:30, the team will be going to the neighboring town for two games. (their previously scheduled one from a couple weeks ago was rained out).
Canaan's team won their game tonight! 14-3, so they're once again tied for first place! he got to pitch tonight too and dh said he did very well.
I finished 3 of my 4 shops for this week. will do the 4th on saturday and then I have two for next week. It'll bring in some good money, even though I gripe about doing the particular type of shops I'm doing this week. All the money I make off these goes into a seperate checking account, which we use as a type of savings really. its nice to see it build up (slow but sure) with money I make. that's how I bought K's MP3 player for her bday.

been (slowly) downloading some songs tonight. I have one more free music credit left. going to see if I can find some more free DL codes tomorrow while out and about. hehe!

Garrett acts much better today! his poopy is still VERY runny, not even the consistency of mustard yet, but at least he only went twice today. that says a lot right there! he has drank a lot of fluids today, eaten about 3 ritz crackers, a few bites of bread for lunch, and for dinner he actually ate 3 vienna hotdogs (yeah, great dinner, but hey, he was eating! )
he also drank most of his milk (thats mixed with the ensure).

I reweighed him today and it says he's up to 22.5 lbs. sounds great to me, at least its not going down anymore! my mom was even commenting on how much thinner he looked the other day.  hard to see just in pics, but with him being so long, he just looks skinny so easily. I've not had to worry about 'skinny babies' since K was a baby! all the other boys were chunks o' meat at this age! (seriously, 5-7 lbs heavier!) not that I think G will be built 'thin' cause K isnt thin either, but he might be a bit gangly for a while growing up!  (must get it from his daddy, cause I've seen pics of him as a little kid and he was all long skinny legs and gangly arms for a long time! :-D )

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