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nightly routine

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drawing a little

the water works!

I have to say, I'm SUCH a waterbox anymore!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!! I cry at the drop of a hat! if I SEE someone crying, that's it! if I hear a touching story, that's it. pass the kleenex cause I'm gonna need the box!! I was a MESS watching extreme home makeover on sunday. dh just handed me a hand towel he had.
this morning, I was just listening to a news story about a captain on a shrimp boat that delivered his cooks baby. he'd never delivered before, but got out the first aid kit and got to work. the baby was born breech and got its head stuck, but after he did CPR for about 20 minutes, the baby started breathing! the mother named the baby after the captain. I was all choked up about that.  I dont remember how long its been since I was SO dang emotional during a pg!!! and its only just beginning! oh my!!!

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very dead grass

Monday, August 27, 2007

is the day over now?

**from earlier today**
so I'm feeling like so much crapola today. my eyes are kinda hurting right now. I did get a short nap with G, maybe 45 minutes. he's still sleeping thank goodness. I'm not feeling bad as far as green feeling (which kinda bothers me cause I felt pretty ok for most of the day yesterday as well) just icky feeling I guess cause of the congestion stuff. I'm not in the best of moods either, kinda crabby.
I have gotten pics to share today, most of them courtesy of G-man and his antics.
we watched Howl's Moving Castle today, it was good. all the kids even sat to watch it (which is big cause G and H dont usually sit for a whole movie).
I made sugar cookies today too. not homemade, the pillsbury kind you just cut and stick on the pan. they're good though.
G has been on a mess spree today. he's dumped a glass of sprite, been IN the dishwasher twice, in the OVEN once, on the table I dont even know how many times, in the game systems of course and more. maybe that's why I'm so crabby.

**from later today**
so I'm very ready for bed! I think I'll read some Inuyasha before heading there though. I deserve it.  G continued his mess-spree the rest of the day. some of his antics include:
nearly pulling the big skillet off the stove while I was cutting up chicken, pulling the plate of cookies off the counter, pulling the pile of plates for dinner off the counter (which I caught just in time), turning the kitchen light off/on a dozen or so times, sitting on the kitchen bar playing with cups (that means he climbed up in the barstools again and then got on the counter). ugh, he keeps me on my toes! I dont know if I've had a kid to enjoy climbing as much as he does! sure all the others climbed, but its like he's got a set of hiking boots built in!!
he was 'jailed' in the PNP several times tonight while we did things like dishes and me finishing up dinner. dh told him "see, bad boys go to jail" :-D

fixed hamburger helper tonight, though I used chicken instead and did the enchilada dinner. it was good, but I ate too much and felt like a bigger piece of crapola afterwards. still not feeling the best, but can drink my water (much needed).

we took the plunge and ordered an additional line on our cell plan for the kids. just one though. they have a pre-paid phone, but dang if it doesn't use up $ like crazy. plus when C was on the square the other night, I couldn't reach him at all cause it had run through all the $ I'd put on it, mostly in that .35 every day just cause you have it charge.  >:o so at least we know they'll have a phone that actually works all the time. I was able to get dh a new phone too in the process. we'll do it this way: dh gets the phone I just ordered (he wanted one like I have) and the kids get his old phone which also has pics/video on it. everyone's happy and the phone I got tonight was free.  it'll be here this week and then dh can quit complaining that 'everyone gets a new phone but him'. so the new line is $10 a month, which is what it cost a month to keep that pre-paid phone running for a month, plus they'll have the rollover minutes and free mobile to mobile.  works for me!

oh, and C will be able to use it the first time on Thursday when he goes to a Titans football game with his cousin! he's very excited about that! no school on friday this week, it'll be the first parent/teacher conferences.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm dealing with some stuffy nose stuff now. not really that bad, just have to take a sudafed about 3x a day to help keep it at bay and so I can sleep at night, along with a slathering of Vicks under my nose to keep me open. it seems to be going around the area though. not sure if its allergies or what. my eyeballs were itching and watering like nuts this afternoon, drove me crazy!!

oh gosh, we watched Extreme makeover HE tonight and I was baaaaaaawwwwwwwling!! omgosh. cant watch other people cry, it sends me over the edge! dh kept asking "you ok?" "you crying?" he just gave me a hand towel he had next to him. :-D

I've not gained any weight yet. I'm staying in the 4 lb range I've been hanging in the last few months. always amazes me cause it seems like I eat a lot, but then again, I really dont. my breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal with 2 pieces of toast and some OJ (which OJ leaves a terrible taste in my mouth, same as milk), lunch was a chicken sandwich with some fries and half a mushroom and swiss, I was HUNGRY! LOL! my dinner was 5 dill pickle chips, about 1/2 a chicken breast on bread w/ cheese and a bowl of vanilla ice cream (I could have done w/o the ice cream :P ). so not really a lot for me. I get so full feeling I think I eat a lot, but when I think of what I've eaten, its not much. LOL! today was one of the 'good days' as far as how I felt though. on the bad days its mostly crackers and stuff like that. I need to buy some more saltines though. the ones we have are salt-free. I want my crackers with SALT!

did get in a nap today with G after lunch. he slept much longer than I did, which pushed his bedtime back to about 10:30. I'm tired again already though, so need to get my butt on to bed!


Saturday, August 25, 2007

felt like much dog-poo today off and on. I had to go do a shop I got
well paid for at lunch time. stopped at a homeschool book store and
decided what I wanted for Gavin's language books (nope, still havent
gotten those) and headed home for a nap. well, kinda nap. I think I
slept for about 45 minutes total, but I do feel better at least.

oh, before I left out, I found a cicada out on the carport. I got C so
he could see it and he promptly took it inside to scare someone. I
could hear K screaming all the way outside.

I picked me up some pink lemonade mix yesterday, so now I can at least
drink something besides water or Dr. P. half the time water tastes very
nasty to me and I cant drink tea during my early pgs, and I sure dont
need to drink DP all the time.

I also had to pull out my wrist brace. my left wrist is a bit inflamed
it seems and hurts when bent, so I'll wear it for a while til it starts
feeling better. usually its my right wrist that bothers me though and
it's feeling fine. kinda odd.

I'll be taking C in town in a bit. he's going to a benefit up on the
square that his *gasp* g/f's family is having for her grandfather. yes,
g/f, sort of. I dont think she's given the "yes" yet, but he talks about
he ALL the time. she's actually our neighbor, but they didnt get to meet
til he started riding the bus cause her driveway is like a mile long.
C is already asking about the dance coming up in October and all that.
Lord help us! LOL!


how much did that prescription cost??

Friday, August 24, 2007

I should have taken a lasso with me today. things would have gone much smoother that way. the boys acted like I'd filled them up on chocolate before taking them out into public. I had to make a stop at the home-health place to pick up crutches for DH and you'd have thought they entered a circus arena!! Garrett was NOT happy to ride on my hip, so wandered around shaking the oxygen bottles, pulling stuff off the shelves, etc. The boys took it to mean they could climb all over the handled seats, handled toilets, climb on the oxygen tank containers, racing around and falling over the handled seats, trying out ALL the chairs in the place... I told the lady (luckily who knew dh) that I was glad we could entertain her for a little while today. Thank goodness she had a sense of humor and didnt get upset with the boys (unlike myself).
we still had to go to the store after that. they didnt sneak anything into the cart on me at least! LOL! of course they were too busy acting like ninjas the whole time to bother with that. *sigh*
I was more than glad to be home, though I did stop by and pick up a couple of burgers for the boys before heading there. they were giving free fries away at hardees today and the girl gave me two orders free.  I munched on one of those all by myself on the way home.

dh is on his way home and C should be home in about 30 minutes. G woke up from his nap about 20 minutes ago yet I'd love to take a nap myself.


getting ready to head in town today and its just the boys and I again. K stayed with mamaw again last night.

*whew* just saved a box of cereal from being dumped out!-

-just got G out of the pantry.. where is my lock???-

-found it after 2nd time getting him out of there.-

so anyway! ... dang it, he's trying to get on the table again...

dh got home last night. his foot is bothering him again. its swelled up and he's just in one heck of a grouchy mood. I'm going to stop and pick up his crutches today.

-who is this guy that keeps calling and getting my callwave??-

I got this funny email yesterday. go to the first link and read up, then you can check out her blog if you like. LOVED the ebay story, hilarious!!!!! and sounded so familiar for some reason.

and her blog....

Poor G is having poopy problems again. this time he's stopped up.  if not one poop problem then another with that boy. *sigh* I know when it does break through though, its going to be bad.

we went to my moms for my stepdads 50th birthday last night.  she had some ribeye steaks that were OH so good! G got fed (twice) and while I was eating he's at the table breathing all over mine and moms plates (he's between us). trying to poke a finger at the things he thinks are interesting, mostly the bread. does he really want anything else though? no, he just likes breathing all over the food and whining for a bite, only to promptly spit it out on the table with a look like 'what'd ya give me that for??'.  yet he keeps breathing and whining for more til he gets a piece of cake.
he had to be bathed after that.

shopping should be fun today, just the three little ones with me. thats like having 3 wild animals on a leash trying to tame them.

oh, C gets his school pics today! I'm kind of upset with him on what he wore. I wanted him to wear one of his cool button downs w/ a white tee under it, but no. this morning he puts on his Minnesota twins tee and tells me he stuck the button down in his backpack. uh, no thanks, you'll look like you slept in the laundry basket.
oh well.


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making some tomato juice

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


feeling green!

take a guess!

put your vote in on the poll over there for the baby's gender. :D poll
is up til Christmas!

Monday, August 20, 2007

baby is napping, have had to coax him into it a couple of times, but the little booger is so tired, he really needs that good nap. Katlyn is working on math and the boys are outside playing in the water table.

my boy cats were brought back home today along with 2 big bags of kitty food.  they shot out of those carrier's like spikes were on their butts!

I put up one load of laundry on the line and the whites are washing up now. only one load of laundry left to be caught up for the week!

for lunch we had homemade tortilla pizzas and chips/dip. we also watched a couple Nest Ent. movies since Katlyn wanted to after reading about Lazarus in her history book. we ended up watching movies on Solomon and Joseph.


laundry day

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my day went by super fast!

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me and my big sis!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I finally got G-man down. little booger never napped for me today til
after 4, which then of course took about an hour nap. so that fueled him
on til just a bit ago. I was SO glad to go lay him down cause I had to
pee terribly!

wanna know what my lunch and all snacks consisted of til dinner today?
mac and cheese, just like breakfast. how bad is that? I'm at an impasse
though where just not much of anything sounds good. I'm not nauseous yet
to anything (except the thought of shrimp really turns me off LOL) just
nothing screams EAT ME right now. I did fix myself some chicken salad
sandwiches for dinner. it was just a sandwich night w/ also leftover
spaghetti. I hate not having something I actually want to eat. how silly
does that sound? course I guess its a good thing considering where my
weight is starting out this time. maybe its my body's way of saying
'watch it toots!'



tried to do a bit of scrapping this morning, but of course booger woke up not long after I started.  hopefully it wont take a month for me to get back to it. LOL
now I'm wanting some dang white gravy and biscuits. wonder if it'd be worth a trip in town...
having some of those achy feelings in and around my ovaries today. I hate those, they make me nervous and you'd think by now I'd be used to it. *sigh*
5 weeks! 5 weeks!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Thank you!

I wanted to thank everyone that's posted and all those who have emailed and called me (my little Sis!) with the congrats on our new baby! It means a lot to us! :D
My mom was over today and said she's still trying to wrap her head around it. LOL (You'd think by this time it'd not be so hard ;). she was awesome today while here. she helped me get the house in order and I feel like I'm in charge again! house picked up, dishes got done, floors vac'ed and clothes washed. having two generals in charge moved things a whole lot faster! :) awesome!!
I had my first bought of "dang that's a nasty smell" tonight while fixing dinner. dh wanted shrimp with our alfredo noodles, so all I had to do was thaw and de-tail them. Oh My Gosh! I had to keep my head turned to the side cause the smell of the shrimp was NAS-TAY to me!!!! :yuck: even cooking the stuff I had to stand back and not breathe it in. he told me he'd fix it if I needed him to. LOL! it wasn't a 'make me sick' smell, it's only to the point of giving me the willies when I smell it. LOL! of course after being outside later, when I walked back in, that's all I smelled for a while. :-p
funny thing though, my last pg, I craved shrimp scampi for weeks during my first tri. aint NO way that's happening this time!!

Katlyn is asking if we know that its a girl yet. ;) Canaan is happy to finally be able to tell whoever he wants (he inadvertantly found out a couple days before we told the family and I had him keep it mum!)

so I've been hiding something...

I didnt want to post in here because the family could come in and see before I told them.
The big news of course is that we're creating a 6 pack! yes, our 6th baby is on the way and with lots of prayers, they'll be healthy, strong and arrive in April for us! *woo woo!!!*
we just told the family yesterday at gavin's bday party, which turned out to be a great way of doing things. it was SO much fun to see them solve the riddle!!
my moms expression when she figured it out:

that was followed by MANY exclaimed "OH MY GOSH!" and "you're not joking are you?!" LOL!

my 'dad's' happy face after the riddle was solved. ^_^

my brother after figuring it out later when he arrived!

my older sis telling her dad, uncle Larry, on the phone. his response: "again?" LMBO!!!

I am due April 16th, which is my niece Heather's bday (that totally made her even happier!). We didnt expect it to happen this fast after our very long TTC journey with Garrett, but we are VERY happy!!!!


5 weeks (I think)

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making Gavin's bday cake!

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in good news

Canaan had a good first day of school. he of course talked about things til he went to get on the bus today. ;) we had a lot of paperwork to sign and send back for him. I dont remember having so much stuff from when I was in school. It was a different school though.
I pray things continue to go well for him. He says he likes all his teachers so far, except the Language teacher, who is actually a substitute til mid September, who doesnt like to give extra credit. :)
Today will start some real work for him. Not that I expect him to come in with bucket loads of work, but yesterday all he had was a one page written work for his math teacher about things such as what he did for summer, his family, favorite color and food.
Today is also soccer practice, luckily no early practice to worry about. Though I will worry about the heat. its so awful out this week. 100's all the way around. :( The fun thing though is the coach is planning on bringing water balloons to practice. :)

how aggrevating

my favorite message board has been down for upgrades since very early Saturday morning! Ugh! how crazy does a person have to go to not have her girlfriends to talk to? LOL! geez, I've got things to yak about and people to read on.

course I could use my extra free time to do something very useful, like cleaning my bathroom and such. yeah, I could.
uh huh.

oh well.

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open house for school

we were late getting home and getting everyone in bed tonight. hopefully everyone will sleep ok. after going to bed, Hunter went to the bathroom saying he thought he might puke. he never did and has gone to sleep now, but that worries me of course!

we left after an hour of practice today. O M Gosh! it was SO freaking HOT outside!!! they had a kid to die, I think in the nashville area today, from football practice outside. terrible!
I had planned on leaving at 5:30, going to get dinner then head to the school, but both the kids were dripping, soaking with sweat. no way I was taking them to the school like that. yuck! so we left at 5, dashed home so they could both get a shower, then back in town and went to Captain D's for kids night.
left there about 20 after 6 and went to the school (the open house didnt start til 7, but I wanted to get there early cause of the crowds).

we hit it right too cause there were already like 100 people there when we arrived.
and this is where my picture of the day comes from. I had Katlyn take this as we were walking to the school.

not flattering of me at all, but oh well. LOL!

I wish I had a notebook or a tape recorder to record my thoughts as we waited in the gym for things to start up. man, thousands of thoughts running through my head! (for one thing, my aversion to crowds kicked in :-D ). We seen many families that we knew and C got to have one of his best friends sit with us while in the gym (he's in 6th grade, so they wont have classes together though).
C was very excited about it all, and nervous! he kept jumping up to go see people he knew and stuff. I finally had to tell him to plant it. LOL!

we got to go in each of his classrooms for about 8 minutes, hear the teachers explain what their class will be about and what will be expected. all the teachers seem pretty cool. I think the SS and Science will be the best ones for him. and amazingly enough, both of those teachers said they're not big on homework! WOO! math will be his last class of the day and she seemed to be a toughie. LOL! not that she was mean, just that she expects high achievement and stuff and well, she just seemed like a math teacher would.
we didnt get to meet the language teacher as she'd gone into early labor, I think today, so the VP was in there to talk to us.
Oh, they had his name wrong! they had his first name as his last, middle as first and last as middle as in James ________ Canaan. duh! I watched them fill in the paper work so I know it was written down correctly. I talked to the VP about that since I had her close at hand and she said she'd take care of it. at first C said "oh its no big deal" and I explained to him that they'd be calling him James Canaan if he didnt get it fixed! LOL!
I stayed behind and talked a bit with the science and SS teachers (his SS teacher is his homeroom).
I'll have a whole plethora of paperwork to fill out come monday!
oh, he didnt get put on band either. I asked if he was ok with that and he said yes. so he'll be alternating between Art and PE every other day for the first half of the year.
AND one of the best things is that they keep all the kids scores on the schools website and the parents can log in any time they want to see how the kids are doing in any subject! that'll make me feel better, knowing I can see how he's doing all the time, as far as his grades go.

I'm still nervous though. he is more than me of course. I'm not sure HOW he'll feel come monday morning, but I think the phrase "big honkin' butterflies" would be pretty close. LMBO!
will I cry when I see him get on the bus? I dont know. I'm not usually an emotional person at things like that, but at this point, I think it might be possible. LOL! I'm going to wait on the porch while he waits for the bus and I'll take pics from there. (wouldnt want to embarrass him by standing by him and taking pics of everything. ).

some more good news is that he's got another of his best friends in 3 of his classes, and the other two he has kids he's friends with as well. so there's someone he knows in all his rooms. he'll also have lunch with them too as all the kids on Honor team have lunch together (from what I understand). so that makes me feel better, knowing he wont be alone in a class.

how dorky do I sound? LOL!

I'll probably be driving myself crazy on monday, wondering what he's doing, if he's enjoying it or at least getting through ok! I just want him to excel so this is also putting a big light on me, showing what kind of job I've done with him. *biting nails* I hope I've taught him well!

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