Monday, March 03, 2008

 been working on some cleaning. lots of clothes washing to do of course as usual on a monday. got that load of baby clothes washed up that was given to me. cant get them all put up though til after G gets up cause the tub for the bigger clothes is in K's closet.
I also started sticking stuff in my hospital bag. nothing major of course, just stuck in Sarina's coming home clothes and her blanket and a pair of nursing pads. I am making a list of what I need though cause dang if my mind aint blank!  I probably wont get it fully packed til the end of the month though. no reason til then anyway! it at least got the stuff off my desk. nothing like storing everything where I want to work on stuff. LOL!

my belly button has fully popped now. it actually did like last week I think. right on time.

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