Monday, March 31, 2008

37.5 wk check

 my appt went well, actually got some good news!
weight is still the same as last week, so that means I've not really changed weight in...I think 9 or10 weeks? (not counting the losing 3 then gaining the same 3 since it put me in the same place). my BP was GREAT today at 107/61. I think that's the lowest its been the whole pg.
baby girl is STILL measuring at 37 weeks but she's very active and along with her h/b the dr picked up an FM station with the doppler! I asked "what, does she have an IPOD in there?? LOL
for my cervical check, I'm finally at 1.5cm and 30% thinned. not much, but better than the 'nothing' I got last week! AND he could feel her head this time, so she's where she's supposed to be!
we both think I'll be there for my next appt on Monday again, but he said next week he'll do a sweep for me to try and get things moving considering how much I'm hurting.

the stinkin part was that I was just starting to be able to walk more than 15 minutes without pain until I had to lay on that dang table. now I'm a walking OUCH again, close to tears most times. give me labor any day cause at least it has a purpose!
so any ELV anyone wants to send my way would be great! LOL!

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