Wednesday, March 05, 2008

34 weeks! dr appt and stuff

34 wk checkup
had a very good appt today (good day overall)
I've dropped .5 lb so basically no weight gain in 6 weeks at the drs office. so very odd for me in the 3rd tri! baby measures at 34 cm so that's perfect, h/b was nice and strong (she was also objecting to being pushed around while listening for it). BP 130/61 today, so very good. and she guesstimated baby at just under or up to 5 lbs right now, which is right on target for average size. (she'd said "well its not in the small range, but definitely not in the big range" and I said I wasn't the least bit worried about 'small' cause my babies don't grow small.)
told her about the BP issues and she said things look great right now, no swelling, no protein spilling over, so to just keep an eye on it and let them know if I have more problems.
I go back on the 18th for my last 2 week check then I'm on weeklies after that! I've got my appts set up til march 31st for now.

after leaving there, went ahead and preregistered at the hospital. while there, someone had a baby cause they played the lullaby over the intercom. plus when I was leaving, a mom was being escorted out with her new baby. nothing like being surrounded by newborness to get hormones going.

ate at Arby's afterwards (dang I was hungry!), then stopped at their goodwill to check on a swing. they did have two open tops ones, but I didn't like either one. (plus one was $30! :P ) I also found a Fluerville diaper bag while there, but again, they wanted $30 on the thing, so no thank you. (I wasn't impressed with it anyway).

on the way back home stopped at cares to check for a swing, which didn't find one, but DID find G a toddler bed! its a cute wooden one like I wanted too and only paid $16 with tax for it, which is cheaper than what dh could build it for. I'll get pics later. its already in the boys room, but need to get a sheet put on it (came with the mattress even).

oh, the adventurous time of the day: before we left, K trimmed Gavin's hair!!!!! this was me when I walked in the bathroom
omgosh, it looked like the short wave hit his bangs! LOL!! I had to fix it a bit so it didn't look *as* bad before we left, but I've still got to trim it up all over now. he did need a cut, but not like that! LMBO! and yes, I got pics.

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