Monday, March 17, 2008

 G is on the upswing today! he woke around 11 (right after I went to bed of course LOL) and was burning up again, so another dose of tylenol, some water and a snuggle on mommies lap til it had some time to kick in and he slept the rest of the night til 7:30 this morning. he's still warm, but nothing like he has been. plus he's jabbering away like crazy, so I know he's feeling better.

STILL waiting on our deposit to clear the bank! its now on 'pending' status. *grrrrr!* I'll have to keep checking today to see when its actually clear. this is ridiculous! I hope dh has them to stop the 'direct deposit' cause that's a load of crap!! I'm late on getting the rest of my house payment in now, plus other bills thanks to this stupid stuff.

ah, G is playing with the boxes I got from Katie yesterday. definitely starting to feel better.

I'm still waiting to eat breakfast, I'm not hungry yet. get this: the last time I ate was for lunch at BK yesterday! I had two cinnamon rolls and choc milk for bfast, then a 'big kids meal' for lunch. that's it. I was stuffed the whole rest of the day! little miss has taken all my tummy space from me. LOL! if only I could be like this when NOT pg, maybe I'd not have a weight problem. LOL!
next dr appt is tomorrow. I need to remember to take my birth plan in and to actually write it down so its readable.

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