Saturday, March 29, 2008

bleh, please no.

well I slept really well up til now. was sleeping by 10:30 and didn't wake til 3am! had to pee then.
but when I went to lay back down, started hearing a "momma!" from Garrett, so went to check it out. thought he'd only need a paci replacement. nope. he'd tossed up all the cocoa pebbles that C had shared with him.
the funny part of it was his expressions when I figured out what was wrong and turned on the light. he was pointing at the mess like "I don't know how that got in here, but it needs to be gone!"
so I had to change everything. luckily his stuffie, and main blankets didn't get hit, just his pillowcase and sheet and extra blanket (I always keep one draped on the side). had to change him and wash his face cause it was all over half his face.
I'm waiting to make sure he goes back to sleep now. (just had to make one trip in to lay him back down).
course now I'm thinking 'oh great, not a tummy bug!' these stupid things always seem to happen right before baby comes. course I'm sure I've still got almost 3 weeks to go, but its the thought, KWIM? last time it was poison ivy that had me freaked out.
hopefully the puking is a one time thing (tucked an extra blanket under him to protect his sheets, JIC).
I'd really like to be in bed right now though. LOL!

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