Tuesday, March 11, 2008


 I'm kinda freaking out cause tomorrow I'll be 35 weeks! 35!! wow!! the thing is, normally I'm anal about counting down my weeks after I hit single digits (9 weeks to go, 8 to go...) and I've thought of it yes, but REALLY thought of it? no! so today I was writing in my baby journal and was like "whoa, what's wrong with me?!" LOL
do you realize I can tell people I've got at least 2 weeks to go? (full term-which I'll tell people I don't know LOL!) and at the most 5! omgosh! it seems so 'out there' to me still. this is my last pg that I'm planning on cause I am SO through with the worry of the 9 months. let me watch my kids grow now please! but its like my brain doesn't comprehend this is the last time 'this or this' will be. these are the last weeks I'll feel a baby in my belly, etc. I've been thinking of it today to really try and get my mind to grasp it. I guess since we've never opted for permanent birth control before, its not really sunk in. it feels weird!

and in that same time frame, I'm going to be a mom to 6 kids! six beautiful, prayed for kids!! ME! it sounds funny, but when I look in the mirror, I don't *see* it, does that make sense? I always imagine moms of 6 kids (or heck 5+) to be really stressed out looking and haggard LOL! but I KNOW that's not the case (plenty of moms of LOTS in our homeschool group that don't look that way). I guess its just a worldly perception of things. I still feel young (erm, well, after the pg I'll feel a lot younger LOL) and I think I look young for my age (?). I must be doing something right, cause its rare for someone to just think that all the kids are mine. LMBO!! hmmm... if I had a dollar for every double or triple take I got, I'd be rich! hehe!!
oh well. I'm just rambling! I feel so very blessed with each one of my babies. sure I gripe about them sometimes, but what mom doesn't. they drive me bonkers sometimes, but what kids don't at some point? I'm proud of every one of them and still amazed that they came from dh and I. they've been every bit worth all the scares, all the time TTC and everything else we've been through to get them here! once LO arrives, I'll feel like a full circle has come 'round.

listen to me getting all sappy. yep, you can tell I've been watering up at the labor/delivery shows!

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