Tuesday, March 18, 2008

36 week (a day early) checkup

finally back home! I'm pooped! they were running almost an hour behind today, even though my appt was at 10. :P
so for the appt today, I'm down another 2.5 lbs (total gain by the dr is 16 lbs. I was thinking it was less, but guess that's what I get for thinking). nurse did ask why I was losing (since I'd dropped .5 lb last week), and I told her I just don't have the room to put much in. I eat maybe 1 1/2 meals a day right now. plus I'm not swelling (yet). I'm definitely not used to dropping weight til right before labor, so goes to show that even #6 can be different.
BP was 131/77 (up some for me) and all else was fine. Dr. P measured her at 37cm (he always measures a cm bigger) so she's right on track. he's guessing an 8lb baby. I do wonder if he's taking into consideration that she's floating like a beach ball in there so doesn't sit down that low.  but 8lb is a normal baby size for me, so we'll see!
I turned in my birth plan today and it was all okayed.

my major points on it were:
-only a heplock and no IV til pit is needed after the birth (to help my uterus contract since its had so many babies)
-able to walk around if I feel like it during labor instead of being tied to the bed with monitors.
-no meds, forceps, vac or episiotomy without permission.

then there were a few other things like who'd be in the labor room and at the actual birth, who cuts the cord and stuff. they faxed a copy over to the hospital for my records and he also made a note on the bottom for the nurses of "has fast labors". if anyone remembers I only had pain for the last 30 minutes of Garrett's labor and only the last 15 minutes were 'very bad pains'. he was born in those 15 minutes. LOL

he asked if I'd been having any contrax, which I had. told him, 'sure, contrax/cramps/BH. how many you want?' so he asked if I thought baby would make an appearance anytime soon. nope, sure don't. LOL!

next week will start cervical checks. I'm going to ask for a sweep next week just to help things along. I know Dr P will do that for me. Dr C wouldn't do it with Garrett's pg and made me mad. LOL! ("no, its still too early for that" ppppppttttttttt!!!!)

we stopped at sonic for lunch (I was finally hungry! yay!) then at cares. found a couple of baby outfits and a swimsuit, a couple items for the boys and a couple items for K. all the kids clothes up to size 14 were only a quarter today!
started feeling like crap while waiting in line. had to hurry up and get to the truck so I could sit down. :P I was fine afterwards though.

C has ball practice tonight and then its supposed to rain through tomorrow.

oh, we rented Nancy Drew, Bee Movie and Gameplan for the week.

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