Saturday, March 22, 2008

worn out. *sigh*

 today K and i went to the rental/for sale house to find out what needed to be cleaned up. geez! we have a whole kitchen counter full of stuff (that can be used), two trash cans full of trash for starters. then down to teh basement we go and ugh!

there's a huge pile of stuff for goodwill, a huge pile of stuff for burning/trash and a few things we found that we could use/keep.

there was seriously a whole room of toys left, tons of Cmas stuff, a whole corner full of 32 gallon bags we had to go through (half goodwill/keep, half trash).
its just ridiculous really. the place was full of mouse droppings
got a bunch of painting stuff for my mom, lots of drywall fixing items and screws and other woodworking stuff.
why would people just leave all this? and they know I'm pg too so not like I enjoy having to clean up their big mess.

my mom came over to help us, which really made a difference! it took us like 4 hours as it was!
dh still has to go over. no way I could haul all the stuff. I'm goign to just make a huge goodwill trip with the stuff sorted out. I'll have to do it when none of the kids are riding, cause I'll have to lay down both of the back seats to fit all their stuff, plus what I have in my own tub to go! huge donation! LOL

so from the past two days, my feet, legs, back and tummy are aching. the top of my uterus was really sore last night and my pelvis still feels like its on fire.  I've got crampy nerves running down the backs of both legs too. what a mess.

we did find some good toys for the kids though. K got a whole set of the disney princess baby doll care items (swing, walker, carrier, etc), the boys got a toy weed eater, a couple of plastic bats, a sit and spin, a basketball goal, some small toys like tractors, etc too. I found a bag of baby clothes I went through. got a lot of 12m stuff and a few smaller items. nice stuff what I kept! other stuff was either goodwill or trash. I guess this is all the stuff she kept telling me she was going to bring but never did. ha.

OH, the biggest and best thing they left??? a waterbed mattress!!! not a regular one either, one of the boxspring sets!!! these are like $600 sets!! I've wanted one forever cause my mom has a set and they're SO nice! so its sitting in the master bedroom over there, ours for the taking! ha!!! its the size of our bed too, so it'll fit in our frame! (later we can buy a real bed frame if we want!) I'm tickled about that one!

so besides that, nothing much (but I guess that's really enough LOL). did get some loving from dh this morning. hopefully when I go in on monday, we'll see a difference in the ol' cervix!

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