Sunday, March 09, 2008

just vegging a bit this afternoon. G is napping, as is dh. the kids are watching TV and I think I'm going to take a snooze myself in a sec.
stayed home today cause the roads are questionable past my moms (going to church) but she did tell me later today that they were actually all clear. they think the area magistrate must have finally started fussing about never getting the roads out there plowed or salted.
we went to have Chinese for lunch (spent almost $40) and of course I could only eat one average sized plate and a bowl of ice cream. no room at the inn I tell ya. told dh I felt robbed.
the snow is about gone now. just some patches of thicker piles left and areas that are shaded. the kids are sad of course. they built a snowman today and he's more like a snowlump now. LOL
oh, finally got to ask my SIL if she wanted to be in the labor room when Sarina comes. she said yes of course. so all 3 of my sisters will be there (as long as they can all make it).
today is my brothers birthday (he's 22) and the 4th was Tasha's (also 22) so we stopped by to see them.
guess that's about it. I'm feeling kinda 'blah' today for whatever reason.

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