Saturday, March 29, 2008

there is sleep... somewhere

I'm so tired right now. but at least its not from me not being able to sleep. G was up puking once an hour from 3-6, so 4 pukes in all before he was finally able to sleep well. course the boys woke me up around 7:30 playing around in the living room (quiet for them, but momma still hears everything, KWIM? LOL) and then Gavin decided to go outside to the garage at 8, so I had to get out of bed (to give him a fussing on for doing that!).
C had ball practice at 9 anyway, so he and Garrett were up by 8:30 (nothing like last minute) and we got him there about 6 minutes late.
told him I wasn't waiting in town for him to be done, I'll go back at 12 to get him.
I'd love a nap in between, but that wont happen till G lays down for a nap-which wont happen till C is back home.
plus I'm not sure if I'll have to meet sis to pick up K or if she's going to bring her here. I really hope she brings her here. I'm too tired to do much driving.
still got laundry that needs to be done (stinky stuff from last night) but do I feel like doing it? nope. :P

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