Friday, February 29, 2008

 I didnt sleep next to nothing last night. got so aggravated with that. I slept maybe 4 hours. *grrrr* just couldnt get comfy and my brain wouldn't shut down.
we got up at 7 to get ready to leave for Nashville. the funny thing was gavin. he was so excited (really? excited about going to the eye dr?) he was up and dressed when C got up and had his coat on and game boy in hand to walk out the door before dh and I even got up!!!
the drive down was fine. love having dh do the driving for nashville!
so the bottom line is that his vision is great in both eyes and glasses will not do any more to correct the straightness of his eyes. so he'll be having surgery on May 9th at 12:45. he'll have a pre op appt the Tuesday before and a post op appt the Tuesday after. he doesnt really understand exactly what's going to happen yet. he did ask if he gets to wear the white hospital gown.
they'll be tightening the muscles on the outside of each eye since they tightened up both eyes on the inside when he was 13 months old. no eye patches or glasses will be needed afterwards.
I had hoped to get it done before baby came, but the only opening was for monday and there was no way we could get everything done before then. oh well.

we ate at Olive Garden finally around 1 or 2. (first time we'd eaten anything today!) I'm still stuffed! no room in the tummy I tell ya and all I had was soup and salad. :P

then we headed home to our own town. (dang, I'm so tired!) I got to stop by my SIL's parents and pick up a few bags of baby girl clothes that they were given. all but about 4 pcs are 12-18m and up though, so it'll be for this coming winter or next summer.
that's the first stuff I've been given though, so it was exciting to go through it all!

have had some episodes of feeling awful today. hasnt been as bad as yesterday though, thank goodness. mostly I'm just dang tired. LOL!

K went to stay the night with a friend, so its just the boys tonight! dh has to work saturday and sunday. *pout* and I'll have to go to town tomorrow for banking and groceries since we didnt get any of that done today. bleh. at least C will be with me to help.

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