Tuesday, March 11, 2008


so we had a good afternoon/day. actually got school work done with all the kids (wow, go me! LOL). did some more cleaning around the place (this 'cleaning bug' will eventually sprout wings and fly off at some point).
when C got home, he didn't know what time his practice was cause no one told them last time, so I had to call. turns out it was at 4 (he gets off the bus at 4:10, so we called and let them know we were going to be late and got there about 4:45.  oh well. they said next time it'd be at 4:30 (Thursday).
after dropping him off, we went to the consignment store. guess what she'd put back for me?
someone had brought this in this week and she put it in back til I came in! yes, I have one, but remember its blue. I *really* wanted one of the lighter colored seats so it'd look better with the cover I'd made! I had some selling $ as well, so I only paid $5 for it! woo!
this is it all cleaned up and washed (I always sanitize/clean everything!!!)

and with the bonnet on and MY carseat cover just cause I made it, so it should be on there!

she said the couple also had the matching stroller, but were still using it and didn't know when it'd be coming in. so I may be able to snatch that later on. don't need it now anyway.

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