Saturday, March 29, 2008

Garrett did fine the rest of the day. fever stayed down and he did eat. not a lot, but he snacked at least. he has been in one heck of a grouchy mood though!  so much screaming going on today, ugh!!! he took a good nap at 2 (I went down about 2:30) and we both slept till about 4.
now hoping he has a peaceful night (he went to bed at 9) and that we all get some rest.
dh got home tonight  and we just had leftovers for dinner (sloppy joes, and I added in some french fries and mac/cheese).
fine with me cause I surely didn't feel like going out and didn't want to chance taking G out either. he stayed in zip up pjs all day to make sure he stayed warm (and easy to change in case he puked more) and while at home I kept my pj pants on.
hopefully we'll get to go to church tomorrow (dh wants to sleep in since he's back on central time LOL).

the stupid sciatic pain is still there. I've done cat arch stretches to help, which they do for a while, but just like if I stay sitting down, it starts back up within about 15 minutes of walking around. *sigh*.
I'm getting worse cramping and BH as well, but nothing else to say Dday is near. typical.
still no swelling yet. I've done that with every pg so far and last time I gained 7 lbs in between weeks 37 and 38. still hoping I get by without it this time.

started a new knitting project tonight. I'm making a baby bag. just a simple 4 sided bag really, but it gives me something to do while I'm doing all this sitting! LOL!

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