Monday, March 24, 2008

36.5 week dr appt

 had a good day today, loooooooong, but good. glad to be sitting and doing nuttin' right now though.

so first for the dr appt:
BP 123/60 (much better!), up 3 lbs so I gained the 3 that I lost (plus I had a small breakfast this morning). She's still measuring at 37 weeks (same as last week) and at first he guessed her at 7 lbs. at first...
so did the GBS swab (yuck) and then the cervical check. dang it, no change since the last time I was checked. and now for the reason. he couldn't do a sweep today, though he did try, my cervix is just way too high and she's no where near my pelvis.
he even got to wondering about how she was positioned so pulled in the u/s machine to check. (no, didn't get any pics) she is head down like he was thinking, though her head is on the left side of my pelvis, no where near engagement (as I figured). he said "this is what we typically call a floater" LOL
I got to see the top of her head, her right hip, back and side of her arm as he quickly scanned down. didn't even get to double check the girly parts *pout* but she didn't like the u/s either and decided to go from snoozing to bapping the u/s wand. LOL!
so after seeing how floating she is, he went on the talk about how some hide some of the baby in their pelvis and still measure 37 weeks, but all my tummy is ALL baby cause none of her is hiding out anywhere else. LOL! so she's not as big as he thought at first
we both agreed that we'd see each other next week.
the painful part was when I went to get up! my sciatic nerve came to life like Frankenstein!!!!! OMGOSH!!!! I seriously couldn't do more than raise my head up on the table it hurt so bad!! I grabbed my tummy (since it was the first thing to get to LOL) and yelped out in pain. the nurse asked if I was having a contraction to which I said "no, my butt hurts!!!!" it took me another good 3 minutes to work myself into a sitting position. its still bugging me off and on tonight. OUCH!!

after getting stuff done in town, we finally got to the rental house to work over there. got both mattresses drained out! brought the glider home and the frame is all clean and the seat cover is washed-still gotta dry it. my mom took a bunch of the toys to her house too.
its getting better!

dh ended up coming home tonight cause they pushed the job back in Cleveland, so he said he'd help get our current mattress drained so we can get the new one in!
we didn't get in til 5 then dh got in and we had a simple dinner and some yakking and I'm finally getting on here to veg a bit. I'm tired though!

and in some other big news today, I cut Garrett's hair!!!!! got pics and still need to get the pics off the camera.

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Crayonsetc said...

Yay, I am glad I didn't miss anything... and that you had a good appointment. Jo, however did deliver this week!!! :)

Keep her in for just a little bit more :)

Love you,