Monday, March 10, 2008

knitting done!

so I actually pulled out my knitting tonight! been procrastinating on that one. I finally finished Sarina's other sweater! it looks like the first one, only its about 2 sizes bigger and has a texture to it and ribbing along the bottom. (which I totally screwed up one piece of that). but its DONE! I feel so much better
still have a ton of yarn to think of things to make with, but at least I don't feel hindered for not having finished that.

I fixed pizza bread tonight for dinner. ran out of pepperoni, so pulled out the bbq pork to use. turned out good! out of 24 pieces, there's only 4 left! I may have those for lunch tomorrow.

dh will be home tomorrow evening hopefully. tomorrow is also bball practice so we'll be eating out. I'm thinking Sonic since they have the 5 for $5.95 thing on Tuesdays. I'll take my own cheese and chips and buy a two liter.

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