Wednesday, March 05, 2008

how many?

oh oh, funny thing from Ryan's tonight! I was going back for my 2nd little plate and one of the girls was asking if I was ok (my left hip was hurting cause of that dang sciatica so I was limping a bit and walking very slow). I told her it was just a slow process. well, she asked how much longer I had and I said "hopefully only 3 weeks" (cant let them know I can go another 6!) and then she asked how many this made for me, to which I said Six. her eyes got huge and she said "how many??" I said Six. she repeated herself "how many????" to which I nodded and said yes, Six. she said it at least 3 times if not four! I just smiled and went to find something that would fit in my tummy. LOL!!

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