Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I've been painting my kitchen this week! finally decided the colors I wanted to go over that awful flower crap on my wall! got it done tonight and I'm super pleased with the results! I feel like we have a grown up kitchen now LOL! I do have pics, just gotta unload them and upload. next I'll finally start on my bathroom I think. I got the drywall tape this week so I can at least get the strips off my walls and fix those. I want to do the bathroom in lite blues and greens, like an ocean feel. 

so update on the week. hmmm, it'll probably be skippy, but here goes: C had 3 games yesterday! 2 first with the high school in the city. they lost both, but got back in time for me to pick him up and run him to the park for the park game (they got a late start). they ended up winning that one (yay, their 2nd win!!)

yesterday we also had an unexpected animal visitor. katlyn about tripped over a raccoon in the back yard!  it was during the day too. so odd! I got pics of it as well, not often you see a raccoon in the daytime. of course something had to be wrong with it to be hanging out like it was. seriously, it woulndt run from us or anything. I tried calling animal control, but they left at 3 (it was 4 by this time), sheriffs office was working on getting a cage when papaw got off work and just brought his pistol over. the sheriff did say distemper was going around really bad in the raccoons right now and obviously this little guy had something wrong with it. I was really worried garrett would try to go grab it or something (it was that lethargic!). papaw took care of it for us. sad yes, but cant have it hanging out here waiting to die, KWIM?

tomorrow katlyn has a band concert that I'm going to have to miss because I'm scheduled to work stupid concessions at the high school field at the same time.  freaking figures! she'll be basically right beside me cause she'll be at the HS gym, but man.

dh is having issues with one of his bosses at work. this guy really needs his head checked. everybody down there thinks he has a split personality and he's been giving his Mr. Hyde to dh lately! dh is laying it on the line tomorrow with all three bosses. we'll see what happens. he has places to go if he loses this job and I'll support him. no reason to deal with people calling you a liar and that you're wrong about your job 90% of the time, especially when DH is the one 90% of contractors ASK to work for them!  whatever it takes, I want my man happy in his job. 

I'm sure there's more, but that's the highlights I guess. oh, FIL is to be in tomorrow sometime. not sure how long he's staying, probably just through the weekend.

only one week of school left!

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