Wednesday, August 04, 2010

the kids took forever to go to sleep last night. the boys at least, K was knocked out quick as usual. they were up easy this morning though, jabbering like chickens 
they did wake Garrett up, but no biggie. he'll be getting up with them next week. it'll be a new schedule again for us!

hey, did I mention I now have a housekeeper??!! ok, its just my mom, but its what she does for part time work.  I officially hired her (though she said she'd do it for nothing) and she'll come once or twice a month to help set my house in order!  she does an awesome job, dont know how she does it, but I want it more often.  too bad that gene didnt rub off on me huh? 

Sarina is going diaper free for now. I'm out of diapers and she tends to remember to potty if she's in the flesh. LOL no accidents so far, but I'm not expecting it to stay that way. 

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