Wednesday, August 18, 2010

 so I know I'm not a posting diva these days. this is the first time I've been at the puter today and the kids will be home soon and I still dont have anything out for dinner. :P

garretts had a bad school week. I mentioned in stacy's journal that monday they called me to come pick him up. he was wreaking havoc and had only been there about an hour! throwing shoes, running out of the classroom and down the hall, trying to pull the fire alarm, etc. what a mess. they've never called to have him taken home. yesterday was better, he got 2 of 4 stars, but today he got 1 of 4. :P they're hoping he's just readjusting to being back in school and it'll all kick in soon. I do too. he's not out of reason here at home, so I guess he saves a lot of it for them.  he looks forward to going to school though, doesnt complain at all. 

monday was just a BAD day. C went in late casue of an upset tummy, K wanted to stay home, but she'd been recovering all weekend so I sent her on. Gav's nurse called from school cause he was nauseous, then the call about Garrett. argh!
the good part was my mom came to clean my house that day.  so at least my house was clean! LOL!

I did get the kids entry area walls done today. waiting to make sure the paint is dry before snapping a pic.

havent been able to go to the gym like I want since school started.  been hard to get there at all really. I've been a few times, but never for as long as I need. ugh.

some other awesome news I got yesterday is that my younger sister is pg!!! this is awesome cause they've been trying for 5 years and have gone through several fertility treatments. this cycle though she was waiting to start her meds cause she just felt like she was going to start af. well, the test popped up immediately when she tested! her EDD is the beginning of April! Sarina gets a birthday buddy!!

sarina has done really well with her pottying this week (after a horrible monday, of course LOL) she's even gone there herself today and called me when she was done (to my surprise). still waiting for that poop on the potty, but hey, we're saving diapers no matter.

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