Wednesday, May 05, 2010


thought I'd post that we're doing well up here. we were hit with the same rain as Nashville that caused the flooding this past weekend, but we got about 12" while the Nashville area got about 15", plus with them being on the Cumberland and all...
we were out of school for 2 days due to impassable roads and flood conditions. We have at least two major creeks/rivers that I can think of running through our town, so flooding was pretty bad in several areas. I dont think anyone was hurt or lost in our area though, thank God.
Nashville area was not so lucky. If your local news hasnt been talking about it, look it up and see the damage, its terrible down there! a lot of loss and disaster and still waiting for the waters to go down.


 so we do have school today!  they had to reroute for some neighborhoods and areas and are going to work with those that dont feel safe driving in still. still a number of impassable roads here and even a few neighborhoods that have water in or up to the houses. 
if anyone is interested, I linked a friends photos in my FB of pics around nashville. dh got pics on his camera yesterday going back to work, but he's heading to SC today and I dont think he left his camera here, so I'll have to get them this weekend.

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