Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

 the weeks been crazy of course. is tomorrow really Christmas already?? cant believe its come up so fast! work again today 11-close (around 4) and after getting home, we'll take gifts for my parents to their house for our annual Christmas Eve at mom's house.  today is her birthday, so we celebrate (as long as she doesn't have to cook LOL)
the kids are looking forward to it, so am I. she asked waht I'd be bringing, but since I'm working, cant really think of anything. I do have some left over chili... not alot, but maybe over some chips? IDK.
my dad is coming early in the morning! this will be the first Cmas morning he's been with us in a number of years! he's usually here later in the day, but he confessed he doesnt like driving home in the dark. (we ask him to stay the night, but he wants to get home to his own bed) so he'll be here bright and early, which will be a surprise for the kids! weeee!
I did get Cmas cards sent out, but I was only able to buy 20 pic cards, so some wont have a pic this year. I also didnt do a letter. sorry!
but for those who didnt get one and for all of our friends, we wish you a blessed and very happy Christmas!!!!

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