Friday, November 12, 2010

had a good time with my sis today. always do! they ended up calling her in at 4 so we had to cut it a bit short, but I got home in time to get dinner anyway, so it worked out.
garrett showed his butt the whole time, of course, but she's a trooper and we made it through. LOL!
I did find C two polo shirts for $10 at one of the mall stores. they were having a Veterans weekend sale.  he's been wanting some for church, so that was an awesome deal. did find the converse all star boots that K wants, but those things are expensive :P I think we'll just stick with getting her a couple more pairs of converse knock offs and make her happy with that 

I'm looking for a used Nintendo DS on ebay for Gavin. Does anyone here have one they want to sell that's in good condition? 

found out dh's check wont deposit in the bank account til monday.  yeah. that's just awesome.  I made a partial house payment today, I REALLY hope it doesnt clear the bank til monday. *sigh*

dh gets to work tomorrow. K has a bday party to go to. there's a moms GTG tomorrow evening, we're goign to see the Cmas open house in town. its always so pretty!

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Erica said...

Have you checked local Gamestops for a used Nintendo DS? Ours had some awhile ago.