Saturday, January 23, 2010


I had to call the warranty dept for my phone yesterday. the calibration on the touch screen went haywire for some reason this past week and its about an inch off on the screen. makes for a somewhat useless phone really. resetting it and all the other stuff made no difference either.  but I've got a replacement coming.

our local food lion is going otu of business  the only good thing is this week everything is 30% off, next week 60% off. grandpa gave me an extra $100 to go shopping with so I can stock up on things we use!  I went yesterday and just did a regular grocery getting day, spent $100 and loaded up! now with another $100 I'll be stuffing some cabinets!  they also still accept coupons, so its a double plus  poor dh though, this is the only store in town that sells his popcorn (pop secret homestyle) so we're buying all we can. not sure where we'll get it from after this.

FIL was in town yesterday, passing through on a haul. he treated me and the two LOs to lunch at wendys. tori and her fiance came out to visit as well. I swear I dont think T likes me anymore.  not sure what's up with that. the last time she was out was in november for that test she asked my help to study for, then she failed the test and she's not been out since except when FIL was in. no texting, chatting OL, nothing. whatever. I'm not begging someone to be my friend and I'm not even sure what nutty feather got up her butt to act like she is anyway. :P

Garrett has a nasty sounding cough, Sarina had a slight fever last night. K went to school after being home on tuesday for low fever and stomach ache. Gavin's hurt his ankle, though I sent him on to school with a note for no 'active' activity. Canaan has baseball every day now, so he had to drop kung fu til things settle down. we go to the gym almost every night since he does ball so often: just hit the gym while we're in town.

you can see the definition of my calf muscles now!  my arms have gotten bigger due to muscle gain and I can see a definite improvement on my stamina.

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