Thursday, May 27, 2010

 so I've been kinda productive today! I finally planted my two mater plants for outside and my basil for the kitchen. then I went looking for scone recipes and found an easy one with high ratings. they're really good! I had 3 I think and Garret had like 4. Sarina ate one. got a whole plate for everyone else! I think the recipe says it makes 8, but heck no! I got at least 16 and these are big ones! triangle shaped sized about 4" long, 2-3" across at the widest part.

when I make them for K's party, I'm going to use a small cutouts (thinking of using my alphabet letter cutouts) for them. they puff up too and putting a smidge of strawberry jam on them? yeah baby!

tried a cucumber mint recipe for tea sandwiches...  so not doing that one! sticking with things like the chic salad, egg salad, etc!

I got my cheshire cat drawn today, now to cut it out and paint it 

S and G have been good today. a few meltdowns as is normal, but good. found a preschool game for G on the puter and he's been enjoying that. Sarina too, though she does like clicking random things too often so I'm closing out odd computer windows. 

the days gone rather slow. I guess cause I didnt have to go in town (preschool) today. seems like I have a ton of time. LOL

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