Sunday, January 31, 2010

 everyone is better now. still some coughing going on, but that's it.
poison ivy is on the way out, he did get it spread to a small spot on his arm and his fingers before we got it under control.

we got about 6" of snow here, which is a big deal LOL! churches cancelled, school will be out monday and likely tuesday too. I couldnt believe they called school of on FRIDAY just cause the storm was coming! it didnt even START snowing til about 3 that afternoon and didnt start sticking til that evening!!  another wasted snow day! these people are freaks! the kids will spend half their summer in school at this rate cause of the idiots in charge.

dh is planning on taking the kids to the park today for sledding. the park has a couple of big hills that people flock to for sledding. I hate cold weather though, so not sure if I'll go. 

we took the kids out in the snow yesterday and they lasted about 20 minutes. Sarina didnt like it AT ALL!! she cried the WHOLE time she was outside  never even touched the snow or anything. she'll be just like her momma! Garrett got mad cause he couldnt ride through the snow on his bikes. K and Gav were jumping behind snow drifts like forts

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Kimmy Jones said...

I HATE cold weather, too!!! It can't go away fast enough.