Saturday, January 23, 2010


so our power was down for like 1.5 hrs tonight when a storm passed through. the kids were bouncing off the walls til I got them into doing things like Simon Says and stuff.  thankfully i'd cooked stuff in the crock pot so it was hot.
I did realize I need to refill a couple of the oil lamps though.
FIL gave me $113 to go grocery getting on, so I hit Food Lion again today! I spent $176, but my coupons totaled $95.  yesterday I spent $102 and coupons were $52. the only thing I have to get for a while is our WIC stuff since FL didnt have the stuff there to get it. (no milk or bread items left). I now have stuffed cabinets and the fridge out in the garage is holding a bunch of stuff! I wont have to grocery get for 3 weeks!
wednesday they're supposed to cut things to 60% off so I'll go see if they still have freezer items left then. they werent much of a good buy today.

got to hear at least 10 people compliment Sarina on her hair today

S has a cough still, G2 is sounding better. I'm using hylands cough syrup for them. they like it at least.
I bought a thermal thermometer the other day with some left over Cmas money. I got a $10 one cause the $40 one the pharmacist said she kept getting error readings and didnt like it. the $10 is ok, though it takes a more accurate reading if I read from the crook of the neck than the temple like it says to do.

my replacement phone is on the way. I'll be glad when it gets here cause my phone is currently only good for answering a call and sending a text.  I cant access the menu or my contacts to make a call or go to other apps. suuuuuuuuucks!

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