Saturday, January 23, 2010


I finally got my hair cut yesterday!  my normal stylist is out after foot surgery, so I had to go to walmart's supercuts. I was worried, but my hair was bad enough that I braved it.  I had her cut off ALL the dead ends left over from last years perm! gah, that stuff was awful!  its much shorter now, though not crazy short, but feeling MUCH better!! I can also style it to flip out and it'll be like Alice's on Twilight

we didnt go to the gym last night  dh wanted to watch NCIS and C had a hard workout at ball. we'll go tonight though  I can already see a difference in my arms! I have a muscle popping out in the back when I straighten my arm down to flex it!

the kids get a long weekend again this coming weekend. they're out friday for teachers in-service and then off on monday for MLK. this kind of stuff really throws them off. :P me too since I cant keep up with what day it is

OH, weirdness of the week! no one would guess what I got in the mail yesterday! (even I wouldnt ) I got a sample box of Enfamil formula for babies!!  i was like WTH??!! LOL  I have NO idea why they sent that! and NO I didnt sign up for it! unless they messed up my pg date with Sarina? IDK! there's a lady at church in mid-pg so I'm going to see if she wants it. just thought it was SO wierd!! LOL!

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