Wednesday, September 15, 2010

15 years of diapers are done!

Sarina is potty trained now and I'm super glad about the loss of diapers! we have the pack thats left and I put them on her at night, though she's not had a wet diaper in a couple weeks. she wakes at night and comes to the potty if she has to go. 
she had poop going issues this last week and it got her in trouble (since I knew she could do it, she just hem-hawed around til she went on herself) but today she was back on the potty to do her business for me.  she got a sticker for that! (plus a lot of clapping, cheering and all that good stuff)

and so I can have it in here, I took her measures this week and this girl amazes me with her growing  she is now 38" and 34.4 lbs. C is the only sib who was bigger than her at this age, and that is just barely and mostly cause he weighed more (38 lbs). amazing. yep! she keeps this up and she's on track to be taller than katlyn at full height (K is already 5'7" at 13). I just KNEW all the kids would be taller than me! dang! 

dh is out of town the rest of the week, which is good cause we REALLY need the money it'll bring in!! ugh, its been a very slow month, even had to ask my dad for some $ to get C birthday gifts. I hate that. but dad of course thought it was no big deal and sent him some $. C spent wisely too, I'm very proud of him.

I'm off track on my WL. I've gained 1.1 lbs dang it. ugh. not being able to get to the gym on a regular basis throws me off. I'm awful about working out at home.  no excuse for it, I'm just awful about it. LOL

Garrett's had a whole month of septemer of good school days! the teachers always tell me how awesome he's been and he gets excited too cause he gets an icy pop when he gets home.  bribery? maybe, but it works and its cheap LOL

I redeemed some mypoints for a lowe's gift card $50! I may save it to go towards the kitchen, which we want to start around Christmas, dont know yet. there's so many little things we want to do to the bathrooms still.  we'll see, at least I have it to play with! 
still no sink in the kids bath. with dh out of town, that threw it off. oh well. they have a shower/tub and toilet, so that's enough for now. i'm working on spackling the walls this week and getting the primer on and hopefully the walls painted. that way when dh gets back in, we can put the newly cut mirror back up and be ready for the sink!
can I say I love tile floors in there??? YES! water on the floor? no problem now! 

and I will get those pics off the camera. i will, i will, i will! things arent finished though, so its all still work in progress stuff. but you can see where its come from to where its going at least!

I want to put one of these up in their bath at some point. there's no window in there and its so dark. this would at least brighten it up during the day.

ok, gotta change out of my tinkerbell pj pants so I can go get Garrett. I have two free zaxbys kidsmeal coupons and I want to use them today!


Kerry said...

Yay on the potty training and great school days for Garrett!!

We just installed 2 of those sky tubes, one in our garage (AWESOME!!!!) and one in the kitchen (not so awesome, it's on the shady side of the house) but I am so glad we did them! I can go into the garage still (it's been a few weeks since they were installed) and think, who left the lights on?? LOL It's very nice.

Mama Gina said...

thanks Kerry!
I'm so happy about the no-diaper duty now! wow! still weird to think of it though!
I'm eager to get the sun tubes put in. I've seen them on DIY shows and am really impressed with them. their bathroom is in the sunny side, so it will certainly make it light in there! :)

Erica said...

Hurray Sarina!!

And hurray for Garrett and school.