Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'll try to get back tomorrow and post more. just put sarina down. tried to upload pics tonight, but PB wasnt cooperating. :P
good day, dh worked, C had ball, no gym cause dh was so late getting home.
I did find GOOD news today though! I was trying on shoes while waiting for C to finish with ball and I can now wear size 8's!!!!!!!!! I used to wear an 8 before having babies when I went up to a 9 then eventually on the brink of a 10! I've noticed lately though that my shoes were getting slippery on me, just thought it was them being broke in. nope! I tried on several pairs of 8's today and they all fit!!!!  that makes me just as happy as losing 5 lbs!  I've been praying for that for a WHILE now. its hard enough finding shoes in a 9, much less a 9W, but now I can start hunting through the 8's!!! God is so cool!!!!
and I cant attribute it to the gym cause I've not dropped next to anything yet!

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