Wednesday, November 29, 2006

today was a good food day for him. he finished off the jar of peas and also had a bowl of cereal (spiked w/ apple juice) for dinner. he's nursed and is currently playing in the floor beside me. :rolleyes: bedtime kid, come on! he's wide awake. me, I'm like this :tired: .


tomorrow will be our last warm day before the cold nasty stuff hits. I'm trying to decide what to do! we can go bowling tomorrow around 1:30 or I can get all my grocery getting done while its still nice and not have to get out so much on Friday. :P


wow, G is settling himself down on the floor. he's getting tired! whoops, flipped over. :lol: hopefully he'll be in bed and sleeping well by midnight. don't know why he's being such a night owl. NO caffeine at all for me today (and lord knows I needed it! LOL)

oh, he has had a bit of runny nose today. not sure where he picked that up from, so it could have been part of the reason for his stressful night.


aw, this is so cute: he's wallering all over sissy's pillow cause he's so tired. :mushy: I put it behind him when he's sitting (its one of those pillows with the sides on it) and its really soft. I got pics cause it was so cute. :heee: very tired baby!oh my gosh! he's actually SNORING!! he's NEVER fallen asleep like this before! WOW!

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