Wednesday, November 29, 2006


so last night was rough. I dont mean rough as in 'oo, that was bad', I mean rough as in 'anyone want this kid?!' rough.
he was up all. night. long.he went down or was up at 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 3:30, 5 and 8:15. what was up with that?!
I think it was my fault though. not enough water yesterday and too much caffiene. who knows. it sucked eggs though. I'm not in the best of shape or moods today to say the least. he's napping now (for about the past hour) but I've not laid down. the two younger kidlets are being rambuncous (sp?) and C has yet to finish his schoolwork.
I SO wanted to get stuff done today, like decorating outside.I have gotten a load of laundry done, got our indivigual pics up in a coliage frame (from the family pic series), dishes done and some material sorted through so I can make a taggie book or blanket for Landon at some point.

Called the ped about G2's poops again. she still doesnt want him to take any type of laxatives, only a suppository if needed. she said I could up the fruits for him and even give him a small amount of baby juice if I wanted. I dont want to get him on juice yet though, so I'll just add a smidge to his cereal like I've been doing.she said if he continues to be the same after he's walking, it may come to wanting to do xrays on his digestive track to see how things are in there, but for now to keep going the way we are.
for those not in the know, G2 will poop anywhere from once to many times a day, but nothing bigger than a quarter in diameter gets out. its not hard like a rock, still mushy-like, but no where near what he should be getting out. his bowels are still full after he does his business, but either he's too busy to want to push it out or perhaps he doesnt feel he needs to.
so we'll up his solids again to twice a day I guess, mainly fruits (no bananas) and see how he does this time. never had a kid who didnt know how to poop good.

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