Sunday, November 05, 2006

good weekend

we've had a great weekend. not much going on, but still good!
grilled out today and dh did an excellent job on the chicken. been a while since I felt together rnough to have the parents over for a meal, so that was really nice too.
watched football mostly this afternoon. my hubby better love e for being able to do that.

Hunter stayed home w/ daddy this morning. he woke at 2:30 w/ a loud croupy cough. still had a low grade fever this morning, but he's better now. hoping that cough doesnt come back either!

Garrett's big news is he's figuring out how to go forward on his hands and knees! he rocks several times and then tosses himself forward. but he does go forward now! the funny thing is that he'll go 'in drive' for a while, then start going in reverse, then to the side, he's just all over the floor. he was headbutting the couch earlier tonight, then I had to pull him out from under daddy's chair, then he came to me in the floor and I kissed him for it . he'll get the real hang of it soon!

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