Tuesday, November 07, 2006

CARS and stuff

we just got finished watching Cars, very cute movie! we'll be buying that one!
Went to go vote today and the kids always get happy for that. "don't forget to vote mom!" before that I stopped and checked my consignments and I'd made $13.50 so far! asked her about bringing in my travel system and she said anytime, so I just need to clean it up! hopefully I'll get a good price on that (and that it'll sell soon) so I can put that towards the current snowball bill.

yesterday the kids got a free cell phone! through one of the surveys I take, they wanted kids to try out a new service geared towards kids, so we got one, filled with minutes and everything. as we fill out surveys about it, we get more minutes. the kids are super excited of course! I think its great cause dh was just talking about getting a phone for them and buying minutes for it. so we got blessed and didn't have to spend a penny!

spent a lot of time redoing my blog site. my old server was about to go kapoot on me, so wanted to get my blogger site fixed up. I'm pretty happy with it now.



Cute little sight. I was just out blog surfing and ran across it.

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