Friday, December 01, 2006

its cold outside!

we didnt go bowling yesterday, was way too late after getting the groceries done. cool news though, I saved over $60 on my food yesterday!  still spent a lot, but I've stocked up! probably wont have to get anything but milk next week.

garrett is trying to help me type if you find odd stuff in here. lOL

so I had to pull out his next size shoes today. size 4. yep, kid's gonna have big feet. at least I've got plenty of shoes for him (I only use them to help keep his feet warm through the winter). I took an extra pair to my brother today for Landon. My friend Lisa had given me a pair of Nike Shox (black) with that box of 12m stuff and I found a pair just like them only silver in his clothes trunk. same size and all. Landon is only in a 3 still, so he's got an extra pair now. :) I've got at least 4 other pair of size 4's for Garrett, so no loss here! (all given between the last 3 kids).

I was late getting to bed last night cause Katlyn didtn want to go to sleep. she'd had a bad dream the night before and didnt tell me about it til bedtime and was then upset (crying upset). so I had to have a heart to heart with her. it was about 11:30 when Garrett got to bed then. and about 1 when I did.  I hate trying to go to bed when the wind is carrying on so much and it was awful last night!
Garrett woke at 4 to eat and was restless cause I dindt hear him at first cause of the noise of the wind. so by the time I got in there he had already crawled down to one end of the bed and had turned around and was on his way back up. LOL! when he seen me he lunged at me and when I picked him up, he grabbed me and started kissing my face!  (his kisses are to start sucking on your cheek and licking it  ). so I ended up laying on the couch with him to nurse til he went to sleep. dh woke me up about 6 this morning to do that. LOL!

we're going to go to my moms in a bit. she invited us over for dinner tonight and to spend the day. I'll get DSL over there. *woo!* got some stuff to upload and all that as well so will keep busy!

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