Wednesday, November 22, 2006

G is playing on the floor now, FIL's been holding him for a while and getting tickled out of how much he kicks and jumps. so G is on the floor 'yodeling' now and getting around.

not long after I went to bed last night (about 12), Garrett woke up @ 12:30 screaming his head off!!! I dont know what was up with him, but my gosh, I've never heard him scream like that unless he bopped his head!
There was no calming him either for a bit cause even once I picked him up, he kept screaming! Half way scared me, half way made me mad. *blush*
finally he calmed enough while I was holding him (still in his room) and we went in to sit down.he was fine then and settled down w/ his paci and went back to sleep.
I was back in bed just after 1. man!
he did sleep through the rest of the night, but I hope that's a one time thing! freaky!!

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