Monday, November 13, 2006


I'm hopping around here before bed. its so quiet, so nice! Garrett has his firs official runny nose type of cold and has been SUCH a grouch all day (except while he was sleeping, which was thankfully about 3-4 hours this afternoon). he's down already, which he was very tired anyway, so hoping he has a good night and that the snotting doesnt bother him.
dh came home tonight. they got done with what they were working on in one day, which was suposed to take 3. course he didnt get any dinner, but he didnt ask for any. it was late when he got in. ;) tomorrow is the homeschool dinner, so I'll just bring in leftovers from that, unless he gets there in time to get his own.

we caught a mouse today! I'm 'wooing' because I just heard it last night and set the traps myself (with marshmallows) and hoped to catch it quick before it set up camp and all that! so less than a day and it was got! it actually just snapped its tail in the trap and we stuck it out the door and the cats did the rest. nasty mouse!

in G-news, he had a good poop today! that is really something to dance about! it wasnt a blaster-nursey poop, but squishy enough and enough of it to make me very happy! he started farting again the day before yesterday so I was hoping it meant good things. (yeah, he'd not even been passing gas during all this 'poop trouble' time!) so I'll keep feeding him as we are, one feeding of a cereal mixed with a watered down fruit juice and if he wants it, applesauce (he wanted the cereal more than the applesauce tonight) and the rest is just nursing. I know he gets hungry though, so if the cereal stays all right with his system, I'll up him to two feedings of it again. but no solids for a while. never had a kid with poop problems! a whole new adventure! LOL! (Gavin had an allergy to orange veggies, but none of the others had an 'I cant go' problem!).

and I'd call his mobility a pseudo-crawling. yes, he gets all over the place and is mobile, but I'm not worrying about him heading off to another room or anything yet. he can end up on the other side of the room or 180 degrees opposite from where he started if he sees something he wants to check out, but he's not gotten the hand over knee thing figured out yet. he'll rock a few times and then toss himself forward usually ( LOL! cracks me up!), and other times he'll push forward with his feet and maneuver with his arms/legs. I'm just waiting for the time when I look over and see him going around the corner after something though! I've been on the kids about keeping up the small toys!

hey, did you all hear that walmart will be doing away with the layaway program? that bums me out! I think Sam Walton would be ashamed of how W-Mart is doing a lot of things these days...

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