Sunday, November 26, 2006


I love the season, just cheers me right up! I don't put the tree up early though as the space issue gets to me by the end of the month. LOL I'll probably get out the outside decor tomorrow though. want to get that done while its warm outside! its supposed to drop out the bottom in temps by the end of the week. *yuck!* I know I wont do it then! LOL!
inside decor can wait a while though. I may put some stuff up across the entertainment center or something though.

my sis was up today with Courtney, my niece. it was nice,we just sat around jabbering and cutting up (enjoying the great weather before the sun went down and it got chilly). she's such a country girl (in essence-cause she's really a city girl ;) )and fits right in with the nuts around here LOL!  she finishes her graphics classes in a couple weeks and is graduating! so proud of her! she's thrilled of course to be done with it and have it under her belt.

my brother, tasha and Landon were at church this morning! *faint* yeah, I did a double take on that one! LOL! mom loved it though since John's been saying he'd be there several times and never came through. she got both her baby grandsons there with her at church. ;)

FIL gave us $ to go out and eat tonight. dh wanted Chinese, so we had that. ended up spending $37 on it all (FIL gave us $40). dh couldn't get over the cost (he usually walks out with the kids while I pay the bill). I told him "I could have told you that". and then he asks how much better we'd have done if we'd gone to hardees or captain d's. LOL! (would have saved a good $17 likely!). amazing how it takes him dishing out the $ to realize how expensive places like that are!  oh well. it was paid for (but I'd still rather have some of that $ left over! LOL! ).

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