Monday, November 06, 2006

just yakkin

great nights sleep after he finally got to sleep for me. those dang poop issues. I hear him grunting again over in the saucer now. :( I think I'll call the ped today and ask about a suppository for him. poor little guy. the only solids he's had the past few days is thin oatmeal and prunes, the rest has been nursing and a bit of formula. I can tell he's upped his feeding amounts cause I've been getting full again more often. :lol: so I figure he's likely taking 8 oz now (at least) cause I used to have no problem pumping 7 oz.

I got his evenflo stroller fixed yesterday. I'd let a friend borrow it and the 'one handed pushing handle' had gotten broken, so we took the parts off the extra evenflo stroller (yes, I have a spare one that had broken a wheel, so I keep it for parts :lol: ) and dh fixed the handle for me, so good as new! :D I'll take my pooh travel system to the cosignment store this week.... that means I'll be moving Garrett to his big seat too. :sniff: Just gotta get it out of dh's truck and probably vacuum it out since its' been in there since we got the van (the van has integrated carseats for forward facing tots).

I'm not taking the swing in yet. its still got some weight limit to go and he still likes it and it does help sometimes with getting him to relax, so I'll wait on taking that in. :cute:

K and the boys are playing tag now. Lordy we need another room for them to run in. :lol: (I hear that Hunter is "It" and he tagged Gavin by saying "touch! touch, touch touch!" :lol: )

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