Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday stuff and 5 month update!

Not been in a computer mood lately but have actually been getting stuff done. LOL! figured it was time for an update and all that. uploading pics to the flickr site for sharing.

Garrett at 5 months!
Garrett's had some firsts this week again, he's moved up to sitting in the high chairs at restaurants and the shopping cart while shopping (til he fusses then gets put in the front pack).
he's officially crawling now. he goes forward and is getting into stuff on a regular basis now. sometimes he'll rock and toss himself forward, sometimes he'll roll to where he wants to get, and others he'll methodically rock on his knees and push himself forward. so yes, I consider that mobile! (I cant believe that at 5 months, my goodness!). hand over knee crawling is not far off cause he's working out the mechanics of it now, just hasn't gotten that part figured out yet.
the last I weighed him, he was 19 lbs and he's 27 1/2" long. wearing 9-12m items, gotta pull more stuff out of the closets again. really need to work on letting go of that stuff.
Let's see, I made a list of stuff he's doing now in his journal, so I'll put it in here too: crawling, sitting unassisted (though I have to watch him as he likes to jump and tosses himself backwards LOL), holds his bottle/sippy, puts his paci in his mouth (still perfecting that), squalls while talking to someone (sounds like he's yodeling LMBO!), sleeping through the night consistently, in the big carseat (yes, he likes it better cause it has more room and padding, but he's still not a big fan of riding in the van), grabs things directly in front of him (especially likes grabbing other peoples faces hehe!), gives 'kisses', is on the verge of saying 'mama' as he says a lot of 'mmmmmmmmmmm' and 'muh-muh' sounds. no 'da' coming out yet! hehe!

I started him back on some solids the other night. he was not pleased with that. (sweet taters), but the next night did take some applesauce. he did finally have a normal pooh for me yesterday! so we'll slowly reintroduce some solids, mainly sticking to the cereals mixed with some milk/juice for flavor. at least he makes it easy since he prefers to nurse mostly.

the kids are doing fine. Katlyn stayed at my moms last night so she could see her friend Dana at church today. we stayed home as daddy just left to go out of town til tomorrow night. so we got the whole morning with him.

we have another mouse I believe. I reset the traps today, JIC. I told dh it may be the ghost of the last mouse. LOL!!

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